New Case Study! Affiliates Drive 49% Lead Conversion Rate

For most brands to cost-effectively promote their products and services in a scalable way, one affiliate program is enough. However, there are a few companies whose business model requires two.

This is the situation one of our clients faced. They had an established affiliate program for one side of their business (the side that they leveraged to promote their products), but not the other (the side that needed high-value leads).

In addition to helping our client establish a whole new lead generation-focused affiliate program for one side of their business, we also:

  • Surpassed their lead generation goal by 173%
  • Recruited better brand-aligned affiliates into both of their affiliate programs
  • Increased incremental revenue from content affiliates, who are now averaging 20% of total revenue for the brand.

Get all the details in the full case study. Interested in how the affiliate model can help you drive sales and high-value leads? Request a complimentary affiliate program evaluation from our affiliate marketing team.

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