Meghan Schwartz Joseph Article Published in FeedFront Magazine

Meghan Schwartz Joseph Article Published in FeedFront Magazine

Meghan-Schwartz-JosephAP’s Vice President of Performance Marketing, Meghan Schwartz Joseph, published an article in the August issue of FeedFront Magazine. The article focused on the important issue of making sure your affiliate program is properly aligned with your brand.

Many members of the affiliate industry have rightfully been focused on attribution – separating out incremental affiliate revenue from that cannibalized from other sources. Their goal is to cut out the commissions they are wasting on affiliates that steal existing customers out of the shopping cart.

But there can be other hidden costs in an affiliate program that lacks proper oversight. For example, if an affiliate program isn’t properly aligned with the brand, it can affect potential customers’ impressions in an extremely negative way. Not only that, but you may be missing out on the opportunity to maximize the value of the affiliate channel by aligning it with other marketing efforts and your overall brand strategy.

Read Meghan’s article in FeedFront for a full overview of the steps you can take to align your affiliate program with your brand and make sure you’re getting the most for your affiliate dollars.

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