E-Book: Marketing Attribution in a Multi-Touch World

E-Book: Marketing Attribution in a Multi-Touch World


Attribution. A word that that many equate with another noun: confusion.

The growing bewilderment around attribution is due, in large part, to the increasingly complex and overgrown marketing landscape.

To help bring some clarity and consistency to the topic, we’ve created a new guide: Marketing Attribution in a Multi-Touch World.

This extensive, in-depth e-book covers:

  • The areas within your organization that are affected by attribution
  • Why attribution is vital to the success of your company’s marketing efforts
  • How users actually navigate across multiple channels and devices
  • What you need to determine before you select an attribution model
  • The different marketing attribution models and what they do
  • How to determine which attribution model is right for you
  • Attribution pitfalls to avoid
  • Internal vs. External attribution

To gain a foundational understanding of what attribution is and means in today’s multi-touch marketing world and learn what you can do to implement an effective, ROI-focused attribution model in your organization, download our free e-book.