Learn How to Prepare for Back to School with Our New E-Book

Learn How to Prepare for Back to School with Our New E-Book

ebook_image_458x325_BTSGuideThe back-to-school time of year will soon be upon us. Every July and August millions of parents and students take to the stores, and the internet, searching for all the new supplies they need for the coming school year. This national shopping spree includes everything from the parents of kindergarteners buying crayons and gluesticks to college students buying laptops and the latest fashions.

Last year Americans spent just under $75 billion, which makes back to school the second biggest retail holiday of the year. No retailer that sells school supplies, clothes, shoes, home decor, or electronics can afford to miss out.

Our latest e-book walks you through everything you need to know about back to school. You’ll learn about the essential stats as well as strategies for marketing to your core back-to-school customers.

One of the most important takeaways is that back-to-school shopping starts a lot earlier than people think. Shopping reaches its peak in late July and early August and many people start researching their back-to-school purchases as early as June. That means you need to start planning your marketing strategy now so you can start to execute as soon as summer begins.

Download our e-book now so you can start preparing. In it you will learn

  • How much money is in back-to-school and when it starts
  • How people make purchases and research products
  • Steps your affiliate program can take to capitalize on back to school
  • Tactics for appealing to customers across every major digital channel