Key Questions about Content and SEO from Our Recent Webinar

Key Questions about Content and SEO from Our Recent Webinar


We recently co-hosted a webinar with the content marketing agency Influence & Co. At the end of the webinar, attendees asked some really insightful questions. In case you missed the webinar and have some of these same questions bouncing around in your brain, we thought we’d include them for you here, along with the answers that our presenters provided.

What do you do if you have more than one audience that you’re trying to reach?

The answer to this question goes back to building your original content strategy and creating different target audience personas. It’s important to get a clear understanding of what each persona finds valuable and then figure out how to create your article or blog post topics so that they are effectively addressing the different pain points of your personas.

It’s also important to have conversations with your target audiences and seek to better understand the questions that they have and what they need help with. From there, you can create content that answers those questions and offers solutions.

What content formats work best? Which are out of favor?

This depends on your audience. Think about the content marketing funnel. Think about how you’re going to reach the niche publications. Contextual articles that answer the who/what/when/where/why/how are a great way to provide deep-level expertise to your audience.

If a publication publishes your content, it must be non-promotional. If the publication allows, you could include a link at the bottom of your article – a call to action – that brings readers back to your site. But if you do that, it’s critical to have content on your site that will thoughtfully engage them. This could be an informative (non-salesy) video, infographics, case studies, e-books, and the like. Also, consider combining multiple elements. For example, have a video with a case study, or an infographic with an e-book.

This strategy also provides the opportunity for you to test out content and see what content is performing well, what’s driving people to actually take action, etc.

What are some free tools we can run with our site URL to evaluate links and backlinks to ensure we don’t have any dead links?

It’s highly recommended to set up Google Webmaster Tools for your site. It’s a good, free, easy-to-use tool that will show you any server errors that are happening on your site.

Another free tool is called Screaming Frog. It’s a small desktop program you can install locally on your computer that crawls websites’ links, images, CSS, script, and apps from an SEO perspective.

Should I do a nofollow link on external sites or links?

You really only need to use nofollow when it comes to paid links. For example if you’re running an ad or a paid promotion on another site, then you want the links back to your site to be nofollow so it’s clear to Google that you don’t expect any link equity from it. But if it’s just a natural link and someone has linked back to your site because it provides genuine value to their users, then it doesn’t need to be nofollow.

How often do you recommend blogging for a B2B business?

Ideally, you want to publish at least a weekly blog post. You want to have consistent, fresh content. Not sure what to write about? Start with a frequently asked questions post that prospective business partners have asked. Whatever the topic, the key is to break it down by answering the who/what/when/where/why questions.

How do you strike a balance between creative content on the blog and monetizing that content? For example, is it okay to have product ads all over the blog?

The more promotional you are to someone who isn’t that far along in the buying process, the less effective your site will be. The more focused your content is and the more it matches a buyer’s journey, the better your results will be. Think about what you typically need to educate the buyer on before they say yes. Then, offer engaging content that they’ll share. It’s important for your prospects to feel like you’re adding value, not just selling.

Did you miss our webinar on content and SEO? No worries! You can watch it here!