Infographic: 7 Reasons Why Working Remotely Rocks

Remote work is on the rise—and for good reason.

A two-year study by Stanford University found that employees who telecommute are more productive and less distracted than their office-working counterparts. The study also found that remote employees, on average, logged nearly one full day’s worth of work more than those who worked in an office environment.

Increasing worker productivity, cost-savings and limiting absences are all great for an employer. But what about the benefits to you?

Turns out, the advantages are ample. To give you a glimpse, we put together an insightful infographic that compares making the trek to an office every day to working remotely.

Acceleration Partners

Acceleration Partners is proud to be a 100% global remote work culture. But just offering people the ability to work from home is not enough to make a company a great place to work.

At Acceleration Partners, we’re able to retain top talent because we’re committed to creating a work culture that values transparent communication, capacity-building, genuine partnerships, autonomy and accountability, all while helping people excel and improve in their work and their life.

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