How to Cross-Promote this Holiday Season with Affiliate Marketing

How to Cross-Promote this Holiday Season with Affiliate Marketing

‘Tis almost that time of year again. The time when every mall in America gets decked out with over-the-top holiday decorations and holly, jolly music fills the airways.

It’s also the time of year when many shoppers get into the holiday spirit and buy lavish gifts for their loved ones—especially online.

So, if your target customer is say females between 25 and 45, or males between 45 and 65, what can you do to reach those who are likely to buy gifts for them? This might be a spouse, partner, significant other, or friend.

To start, finalize your Q4 budget (if you haven’t already).

Next, determine who your target demographic is and what products they’d likely get most excited about.

From there, put yourself in the shoes of those who are most likely to be gifting your product(s) to your target customer. What websites are they most likely to visit? What blogs are they most likely to read?

Once you’ve got a clearer picture of who those people are and where they spend their time online, connect with the publishers in your affiliate program who have the best ability to reach them.

Then, think about how you can compensate them. In addition to commissions, could you provide them with a free product in exchange for a dedicated gift-giving post? What about an ad featured on their website? If they send emails to the gift-giver audience you’re looking to target, do they allow placements in their email?

Start collaborating with those cross-promotional partners early and often. Provide them with campaign content and attractive offers that make it easy for them to promote you via their blogs, websites, social content and other marketing initiatives.

For example, maybe you sell women’s wear. You could provide sample blog post content to your select publishers such as:

“Looking for the perfect gift to your lovely lady this holiday season? We’ve got just the thing! Our new cold shoulder tops will have her looking smokin’ hot and feeling the warm fuzzies for you all winter long.

To spice things up, we’re even giving you 30% off these trendy tops. Just use promo code SNOWFLAKE30 at checkout.”

Consumers – both buyers and sellers – are inundated with sales and deals between October and December. Stand out to both shoppers and publishing partners by offering competitive offers and promotions.

And finally, track your results. There is so much to be learned from Q4 performance. Keep a central repository of:

  • The audience you cross-promoted do via your affiliate program
  • The performance of the partners you worked with and the promotions you offered
  • How your program performed overall.

In doing so, you’ll thank yourself next year when you getting ready to repeat this entire process from the beginning.

For more on Q4 performance-driven marketing, download our free guide: Q4 Strategies to Sleigh your Holiday Marketing.