How Acceleration Partners Taught Me the Meaning of Embracing Relationships

How Acceleration Partners Taught Me the Meaning of Embracing Relationships

Excel and Improve. Own It. Embrace Relationships. These are the three Acceleration Partners (AP) core values that I learned about very early in the interview process. At face value, they seem like goals people want to live up to every day. But after attending my first AP Summit, I quickly learned just how seriously these core values are taken within the organization and what they truly mean – especially when it comes to embracing relationships.

You Never Know Who Will Impact Your Life

Prior to joining the AP team, I was an advertising account executive. Through working with one of my clients, I established a personal relationship with my direct contact, Morgan Bell. After working with Morgan for a year, she moved on from the company and encouraged me to apply for her recently vacated position. This decision catapulted me into a marketing role that changed my career. I learned more than I ever expected and grew both personally and professionally.

Social Networks Provide So Many Opportunities

After several years in my new role as a Marketing Manager, I found myself wanting to further my career even more. As I began my search for growth, I saw Morgan post an article on LinkedIn about AP founder and CEO Robert Glazer being named one of Glassdoor’s top CEOs of 2018. I read it and was intrigued about this successful and unique company my old friend now worked at. I messaged Morgan, looking to both reconnect and to learn more about what she was up to.

After hearing how stagnant I felt in my career, she enthusiastically encouraged me to apply for a position at AP. I sat on the referral link she sent to me for over a week. Quite honestly, the company felt too good to be true. But I knew my friend wouldn’t have suggested something if she didn’t think I could do it. So, I applied.

After going through the interview process and getting hired, I was elated to realize that I had found the profession and company that I had long dreamed about. Turns out, it wasn’t too good to be true. AP stands by the company culture, vision, and core values I learned about through the interview process. As I transitioned into my role and through quarterly performance check-ins – I quickly learned that everyone is expected to and does live them every single day.

New Company, New Opportunity, Old Relationships

Two months after joining AP, I attended AP Summit 2018, the annual company event where everyone gathers in one location for training, team building and so much more. Prior to the summit, I heard many wonderful things about the annual event – how life-changing and emotional it usually is and how awesome it is to meet people from AP’s remote work environment in person. But I NEVER expected what I experienced.

The whole thing, from start-to-finish, was OVERWHELMING. I learned so much about myself and walked away feeling extremely encouraged to excel and improve in many aspects of my life – work and beyond.

And when I thought things couldn’t get any better, the company, my dream company, that I’ve been working at for 2 months tells me that they are sending me to see my sister in Portland, OR in an attempt to embrace a stronger and reconnected relationship. Little did AP know how much she had been on my mind and how hard it had been since she moved across the country. Work and lack of funds kept me from visiting and now work was sending me. It’s amazing how situations change.

I walked away from Summit TRULY realizing how important it is to embrace relationships. If I hadn’t embraced my position as an account executive and built relationships with my clients, I would never have connected with Morgan. And if I had not embraced a personal friendship with Morgan, I would never have been introduced to Acceleration Partners – which  means I would’ve never been given this chance to embrace a rekindled relationship with my sister.

I am grateful for Morgan’s friendship which grew from professional-to-personal, for Acceleration Partners and their commitment to their core values, and for the opportunity to actively Embrace Relationships by reuniting with my sister as a result of AP’s support.

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