New Case Study! How AP Works with Influencers to Close the Performance Loop

Over the past few years, many of our clients and prospective clients have communicated their struggles in two areas:

  1. Attracting high-value content influencers into their affiliate program.
  2. Getting into the “influencer marketing” game in a way that allows them to track campaign performance in an efficient, cost-effective way.

To help our existing and future clients resolve some of these issues, we came up with a partner-focused solution that we’re calling “AP Influence.”

Our AP Influence program connects our clients with micro-influencers through a unique partnership structure to help them reach and engage with niche audiences through influencer-generated content and track performance along the way.

To learn about how we’ve structured AP Influence and the results that our clients are experiencing from this new program, be sure to check out the full case study.

Read the full case study >

Interested in learning how we’ve made it possible for brands to work with influencers on a “performance plus” basis and gain access to high-value, reusable content for their blog and social channels?

Then be sure to reach out to our AP Influence team today


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