AP’s 2019 Holiday Calendar Infographic & Marketing Guide

AP’s 2019 Holiday Calendar Infographic & Marketing Guide

Gone are the days when holiday shopping was all about the next big holiday in Q4. In our “always on,” multi-device, multi-channel, multi-option world, smart, savvy marketers must think about creating multiple campaigns around multiple holidays.

But there’s no need to let your stress-level multiply. We’ve created two content pieces to help you stay ahead of your 2019 retail calendar.

  1. The AP 2019 Holiday Calendar Infographic (see below). This motley, multifunctional infographic is designed to be a reliable resource that you can print off, hang on your wall or keep with you at your desk.

  2. The Online Marketer’s Guide to the 2019 Holidays. What’s the next holiday? How should you prepare for it? What are some key things to keep in mind for your campaign? That’s what this in-depth guide seeks to help answer.

It lists all the 2019 holidays and observances. But we didn’t just leave you hanging with names and dates! We also included numerous ideas for how to maximize your online marketing around them.

This guide is abundant with details, ideas, recommendations and even stats from this year’s Benchmark Reports. If you want the full picture of the holidays and observances in 2019, then our Online Marketer’s Guide to the 2019 Holidays is definitely a resource you want in your marketing toolbox.


In the meantime … enjoy this 2019 Holiday Calendar infographic!


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Editor’s Note: In 2015 and 2016, we published an E-Commerce Holiday Calendar blog post, which we updated each year. As the content was so extensive, we decided to turn it into a user-friend guide, the Online Marketer’s Guide to the Holidays. You can download that guide for free to receive even more updated, comprehensive tips and tactics for marketing throughout the year.