Google Publishes First Fashion Trends Report

Google Publishes First Fashion Trends Report

Using keyword data for market research

Last month Google released its very first fashion trends report, which analyzes search data to pull out both long-term and flash-in-the-pan fashion trends.

Among the findings: tulle skirts are spreading in popularity, almost everyone’s looking for jogger pants, and midi skirts are making a comeback. What fads are over? Count normcore, 90s jeans, and scarf vests as short-term trends that have officially come and gone.

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The report is so valuable because for the rising trends highlighted above, it breaks down those general searches into long-tail keywords that include the most popular modifiers, colors, and geographic locations. So if your business is going to introduce tulle skirts, you can optimize pages for the most popular colors and target ads at locations where people are searching for them.

This data might not be very useful for a fashion designer or a luxury brand, which often operate as tastemakers, but for other retailers these trends could be incredibly valuable. They can help you identify which new items to introduce, and which items to place advertising spend behind.

Do Your Research

This report is full of useful information, but it may be a little late for retailers to act upon, in terms of actual spring fashion. Don’t wait for Google to release reports like this to keep yourself updated on search trends.

It’s a good idea to revisit Google’s Keyword Planner every couple months. Perform searches for your products to see how they’re faring in the search engine. It’s also a good idea to do some keyword research when you’re considering introducing a new product. Pay close attention to the related keywords and ad groups the tool suggests; these could be potentially valuable areas of expansion for your business.

Another helpful tool for keyword research is Google Trends, which gives you a more high-level view of how keywords are performing over time and can help you keep up with what’s hot.

At Acceleration Partners, we know that keyword research is an ongoing process. That’s why we’re always on the lookout for new keyword opportunities for our clients. Contact us to learn how we can help your business unlock the power of keywords.