Google Introduces Showcase Shopping Ads for Broad Product Searches

Google Introduces Showcase Shopping Ads for Broad Product Searches


Google recently announced a new ad format for Google Shopping, which they are calling Showcase Shopping ads.

This new ad format will showcase one large main product image, along with two smaller side images (related to the initial product search). At the bottom of the ad is space for a promotional message or location distance information for Local Inventory advertisers.

Here’s an example that Google provided for a shopper searching for “summer dresses.” The Showcase Shopping ad format gives the retailer (ASOS, in this example) the ability to display its collection of dresses in a visually rich experience.

Screen Shot 2016-08-11 at 2.49.50 PM

When shoppers click on the Showcase Shopping ad, they are sent to a Google-hosted landing page that features an array of products related to the search query. Advertisers will only be charged if a shopper clicks on one of the products featured on the Google-hosted landing page to the retailer’s site – not for the click from the search results.

Google Showcase Shopping ads are now the standard Shopping format on broad queries in US, UK and Australia. In these regions, Google automatically changes the format based on broad searches.

Stepping-up Your Product Showcase for the Holiday Season

Even though Q3 seems to have just started, Q4 will be here before we know it. Since this new marquis-style ad format will be the standard for broad searches, retailers in the above mentioned markets may want to rethink their strategies for broad, non-brand queries in order to prepare themselves for the holiday season.

40 percent of shopping-related searches on Google are for broad terms like “men’s athletic clothing” or “bedroom furniture,” according to Google. In the past, Google would either not show any product listing ads on these types of broad queries or they’d show individual products. For example, “bedroom furniture” might result in very specific product ads (e.g. dark espresso dresser), which may not be all that helpful to a shopper if they aren’t clear on what they want to buy.

The idea behind Showcase Shopping ads is that they will help people further explore and discover what they want to buy and where they want to buy it.

Google is also testing a “premium” version of Showcase Shopping ads. While not yet available to most marketers, this version will eventually allow advertisers to customize the way their brand and products are featured in the Shopping Showcase ads and landing page. For this premium version, Google says that products will be pulled directly from the feed with advertisers providing the creative.

Currently, there is no information available on the pricing for the premium version of Shopping Showcase ads.

To learn more about Google Shopping or to start strategizing your Google Shopping holiday campaigns, reach out to our Paid Search team.