Free eBook on Revamping Your Site’s SEO

Free eBook on Revamping Your Site’s SEO

AP_Bookcover_3D_SEORenoIn many ways, a website is a lot like a house. And both, on occasion, require a renovation. Before launching into this process with your site, however, you will want to pause and ensure you are doing as much as possible to set your site up for future success.

This involves making sure your site is aligned with the SEO best practices of the day and laid out in a way that makes the most sense to users. To do this, your site needs an architect who can make sure all of the different parts are pulling together to serve the greater goal.

That’s where digital strategy specialists come in. They can help make sure your site isn’t throwing money out the window with missed keyword opportunities or a confusing user experience that makes it difficult for visitors to convert.

Our latest eBook walks you through the process we’ve used on dozens of client sites to make sure their websites are maximizing their presence in organic search and giving their other channels a solid foundation.

This process includes

  • Keyword Research – Giving your business insight not only into what phrases will perform well in search but how consumers are thinking about your industry.
  • Critical Keywords– Narrowing down the infinite number of keyword variations to the handful that are essential for site.
  • Information Architecture – Using those keywords to create an information architecture that maximizes impact in the search engines and is easy for people to navigate.
  • Landing Pages – Identifying which keywords would perform better as landing pages and how to create a strategy in line with Google’s best practices
  • Optimization – User keywords to create compelling meta information that appeals to search engines and inspires actual people to visit your site.
  • Design – Creating a positive user experience that engages people and pushes them through to conversion.
  • Mobile – Making sure your site is mobile-optimized both for search engines and users
  • Blogging – Using keywords left over from the research phase to create an editorial calendar that enhances organic search.
  • Testing – Always working to improve user experience and get conversion rates as high as they can be.

Download the eBook for even more details on the process and find out how it could improve not only the look of your site but all of your digital marketing.