Find Your Trainer Selects Acceleration Partners to Manage Affiliate Program

Find Your Trainer Selects Acceleration Partners to Manage Affiliate Program

Find Your Trainer has partnered with Acceleration Partners to manage their affiliate program.

Find Your Trainer is a great new service that connects you to certified personal trainers in a brand new way. Customers can train with a personal trainer in the comfort of your own home, at your building’s gym, outdoors, or at a top gym or studio (even if you don’t have a membership).

Whenc customers log into and answer a few questions, they’ll be matched with a vetted and certified personal trainer based on your goals, your personality, your lifestyle and your budget. They’ll even bring the equipment!

Everything is handled through the website: booking sessions and paying is secure and easy.

For affiliates looking to learn more about Find Your Trainer’s affiliate program, visit their page on our Parnter Hub.

Learn more about Acceleration Partners and our approach to affiliate program management for industry-leading brands like Find Your Trainer, visit our Global Services page

More About Find Your Trainer

After experiencing for himself the countless benefits of proper diet and regular exercise, David (the co-founder and CEO of Find Your Trainer) realized that there are a huge number of people who, like he was, are  unhealthy but don’t know what to door where to start. David tells the story like this:

I grew up a chubby kid — let’s just say eating a Happy Meal every day of pre-school and kindergarten didn’t exactly set me up for a lifetime of healthy habits. After graduating college, I decided that the excuses had to stop. I started exercising regularly and eating healthy and ended up losing almost 50 pounds.

I was first introduced to personal training several years later, after injuring my back and leg in a car accident. My incredible trainer Steve helped improve my strength, flexibility and balance. Working with Steve reduced my pain much more effectively than countless doctor’s visits and procedures. It was then that I realized the power that a personal trainer can have on one’s body and entire life.

Looking back, it was these two experiences that inspired me to start FYT.

Everybody has their own reason for wanting to be healthier, but most of us just need a little help getting started. Our goal is to make the entire experience pressure-free, easy, convenient, and affordable.

Visit Find Your Trainer to learn more about this industry-leading brand.