New Podcast Episode! Reflecting On Our Business Mistakes

New Podcast Episode! Reflecting On Our Business Mistakes

Our newest Outperform podcast topic reflects one of AP’s Operating Principles being lived in real life:

Keep Moving Forward: We avoid the roller-coaster ride of highs and lows. We celebrate our wins, remain humble and move on to the next challenge. Likewise, we reflect on our failures, adjust, and move forward without wondering what might have been.

On this episode, Bob Glazer and Matt Wool, two of AP’s fearless leaders, transparently reflect on a few business mistakes they’ve made over the years, what they did to adjust, and how they moved forward.

As you’ll discover when listening to this episode, they use mistakes and problems as opportunities to get better, which is actually reflective of another one of our Operating Principles, “Be Resilient.”

Bob and Matt authentically share a few of their mistakes so that listeners like you can hopefully avoid them and make better decisions in your business.

Listen to the episode here.