New Podcast Episode! Affiliate Networks vs SaaS Platforms

New Podcast Episode! Affiliate Networks vs SaaS Platforms

Curious about what the affiliate network model looked like in the early days of affiliate marketing? Or, simply interested in learning key differences between affiliate networks and software as a service (SaaS) platforms?

Then this Outperform podcast episode is for you.

On our most recent episode, we invited Todd Crawford, Vice President of Strategic Initiatives at Impact Radius, to discuss some of the ins and outs of affiliate networks and SaaS platforms with Acceleration Partners’ Founder and Managing Director, Bob Glazer.

You’ll discover why companies were so enthralled with affiliate networks in the early days of the industry, how and why SaaS solutions came on to the scene, and the different ways both technology solutions serve the needs of today’s affiliate programs.

If you have an affiliate program – or if you’re just starting to put the pieces in place to establish one – then this Affiliate Network vs SaaS episode is a must-listen.

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