Employee Spotlight: Nick Montrose

Employee Spotlight: Nick Montrose

In this month’s Employee Spotlight, we sat down with Account Manager, Nick Montrose to learn more about his history with the company and how he embraces the remote workforce lifestyle.


How long have you been a member of the Acceleration Partners (AP) team?

I have been a member of the AP team since July of 2017.


How has Acceleration Partners changed since you first started?

Growth would definitely be the easy answer, as the company has significantly expanded since my early days that summer. I recall that at my initial AP Summit, I had no problem clawing my way to the open bar, but most recently, it was a bit more challenging.

On a related note, all of the new team members from across the world have contributed different viewpoints of the industry which has helped not only the programs I manage, but also changed my own perspectives.

Some of the ideas that our team is routinely producing and sharing are truly innovative and impressive, and I enjoy seeing other team members piggy backing upon those foundations and trying to push them to the next level to help improve the measurement and efficiency of the channel as a whole.


What advice would you give to a first time Affiliate Marketing Account Manager?

Less is more. You will be inundated with emails and inquiries and thousands of partners and transactions, and there’s only so much time in the day.  By taking a step back and viewing the program from a different angle, you can gauge where your impact will be felt the most.


Of AP’s three core values, which are you currently focusing on the most in either your professional or personal life?

Since a savvy salesman at my gym recently talked me into a personal trainer, it’s “Excel and Improve.” We’ll see how long it takes until I’m back “Embracing Relationships” with hamburgers and tacos, however.


How do you take advantage of the flexibility of working in a 100% remote environment?

I used the opportunity to convince my wife to travel with me to Europe and Mexico for four months last summer. I was answering emails at 23:00 local time in Berlin and jumping on conference calls in a hot co-working space with no A/C in Madrid.

I also flew 16 hours back to the States for a client visit, then back again. We’re now in Austin, Texas, where the WI-FI (and seafood) is considerably worse than Lisbon.


What’s the best thing that happened to you outside of work in the last two years?

I’m obligated to say the marriage to the aforementioned wife, otherwise I’d be looking for a new roommate.


What is one of your biggest goals for 2020?

One of my biggest goals is to read more. I’m currently working on The Coaching Habit.



You can learn more about the Acceleration Partners team and our approach to affiliate program managment for leading brands around the world on our Company page.