Employee Spotlight: Heather Montgomery


Balancing work and family with Acceleration Partners’ unique flexibility.

Heather Montgomery Executive Assistant
Heather Montgomery, Executive Assistant

If you need to get hold of our busy founder Robert Glazer, Heather is the person to ask. For three years she’s been managing Bob’s hectic schedule, making travel arrangements from Berlin to San Francisco, and even shipping tiny motorcycles to major European cities.

She’s also the mother of three young kids who keep her busy at home. Anyone with kids knows how much of a challenge it can be to balance family life with work. Acceleration Partners’ unique flexibility makes it a little easier.

How did you first hear about Acceleration Partners?

I had been working remotely before Acceleration Partners and it took about a year to find another virtual job because they’re actually pretty rare. When I read the job description on Indeed I knew it was perfect. It was everything I wanted in terms of flexibility but also sounded really exciting. When I met Bob I knew I definitely wanted to work here. I love that he has three kids the same age as mine, so he gets what it means to work full-time and be a parent.

How does working at Acceleration Partners help you balance work and family?

Working from home is great because it lets me put my kids on the bus in the morning and get them off in the afternoon. If one of them gets sick at school, I can pick them up and bring them home and still keep working. Because I don’t have to waste an hour commuting at the end of the day I can coach them in soccer after work. Time is something you can’t get back. So it’s absolutely priceless to be able to be there for them during these early years.

What’s your favorite thing about working from home?

Being there for my kids is definitely a big one. I live five minutes away from their school, so if there’s a concert or an event in the middle of the workday I can usually attend. It gives me time to exercise too. I can put my kids on the bus and go for a run and still be working by nine o’clock. Plus it’s given me the opportunity to get a puppy. She’s my little office mate!

How is AP different from remote jobs you’ve had before?

AP is way more exciting than previous remote jobs I’ve had. Every day there’s a new challenge. Bob is always on the move and I love planning trips to Berlin, London, San Francisco, Chicago, Philadelphia, and dozens of other places. Finding hotels and restaurants is really fun and getting his schedule to fit together is like trying to complete a puzzle. Even though we’re remote there’s still that element of excitement and personal connection.

What’s it like working from ‘The Cave’?

Once a week the Boston team meets up, which gives us a great chance to connect. You can say hi to your coworkers and ask about their kids. I love that we still get that face-to-face time even though we mostly work remotely. Plus, we always order a really yummy lunch!

What’s your favorite memory of working at Acceleration Partners?

For one of our summer meetings the whole company went out to Thompson Island in Boston Harbor for a day of teambuilding activities. At one point we had to climb this giant, oversized ladder that was so tall you couldn’t get from one rung to the next on your own. We had to help each other up until we reached the top. Standing at the bottom it seemed like there was no way we would all make it, but we did. That was a great experience and made me realize my coworkers would always have my back.

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