Employee Spotlight: Galen Schneider

Employee Spotlight: Galen Schneider


Account Manager, Galen Schneider, is a trusted Acceleration Partners (AP) veteran and a key resource for those looking to create strategic affiliate marketing programs.

We sat down with Galen to learn more about his role at AP and to discover a few of his favorite hobbies and passions outside of life at Acceleration Partners.

How did you end up with a career in Affiliate Marketing?

I was looking for a career in a growing industry and had dabbled as an affiliate marketer in college. I thought I wasn’t good at it, so I gave it up after I graduated and got a “real” job. However, my initial experience with the industry taught me that affiliate marketing from the advertiser perspective was an absolute no-brainer.

How did you learn about Acceleration Partners?

I had subscribed to the PMI Industry e-newsletter to learn more about the affiliate industry. One day I came across an interview with someone I had not previously heard of, Bob Glazer. I even dug up the email that I clicked on all those years ago (because I’m currently bored out of my mind at the airport waiting for my 11:40pm red-eye flight back home):

In that interview, Bob spoke a lot about how brands are interested in launching affiliate marketing programs but wanted to ensure that the affiliate program is transparent and focused on protecting the brand image. In an industry that has had a reputation for fraud at times, I loved his completely transparent approach.

What excites you about working in the Performance-Based Marketing industry?

How successful a channel it is for our clients. They are constantly telling me how they want to expand and grow the affiliate channel.

Acceleration Partners also allows me to really get to know my clients, both personally and professionally, by giving me more time to work on each client’s program. This allows me to carefully strategize how to best use the affiliate channel to get the results my clients are looking for.

You’re a veteran at AP having been at the company for nearly four years. What’s changed since you joined?

The easier question would be what hasn’t changed? We are constantly improving all of our processes on an almost day-to-day basis, a direct reflection of one of our core values, excel and improve.

From hiring new employees, training and promoting existing employees to the next level, more collaboration between different teams at AP, more efficient processes, an amazing publisher development team and a LOT more out-of-the box opportunities for me to present to my clients, we are always making mindful changes to increase capacity.

What do you like most about working at Acceleration Partners?

I enjoy working for an amazing company that gives me opportunities to grow, excel and improve. I know everyone on the leadership team on a personal-level. Bob, our founder, always makes time for every employee that asks for it.

Acceleration Partners is revolutionizing the workplace by getting rid of the traditional office, allowing everyone to do their best work at home, encouraging employees to be transparent about their goals (even if that means ultimately NOT working for AP) and providing killer benefits (like unlimited PTO).

You’ve implemented some really cool capacity building tactics to improve in your personal and professional life. Can you tell us a bit more about that?

There are so many “efficiency experts” out there in the world and I’ve tried a lot of them. One of them that has worked especially well for me is Hal Elrod’s Morning Miracle routine called SAVERS, which stands for Silence, Affirmations, Visualizations, Exercise, Reading and Scribing (writing). Each of them only takes a few minutes and it really makes a difference in my day. Here are a few examples:

Silence: After my alarm wakes me up every day at 5:30 am, I sit in bed with the light on, looking up at the ceiling and I try to clear my head and think about the day ahead of me. What are my top 3 priorities? What good can I do today?

Affirmations: I tell myself something good, positive and encouraging such as “I can do anything I set my mind to” over and over again for a minute.

How did you get inspired to start a morning routine in the first place?

I was already looking for ways I could enhance my mornings to get up earlier. Before my morning routine started, I’d stay in bed and scroll through Facebook or emails pointlessly after my alarm woke me up (and after I hit snooze 3-10 times).

Once Bob introduced the AP team to the Morning Miracle routine, I was immediately hooked. This tool has truly transformed my life and increased my productivity. I have to thank Bob for that.

You mentioned reading in your SAVERS routine. Reading or listening to anything good these days?

I am especially addicted to any sort of history or language lectures put out by The Great Courses. Though my all-time favorite audiobook is Robert Garland’s The Other Side of History – which attempts to tell history from the perspective of the “everyday person” vs. the leaders and greats of that time period.

Right now I am listening to American Military History by Wesley K. Clark, decorated combat veteran, author, Rhodes Scholar and former NATO Supreme Commander. It is all extremely interesting!

How do you take advantage of the flexibility of working in a totally remote environment?

I work early, sometimes late, go to the gym 4x per week and occasionally take a short 20-minute nap over lunch to rejuvenate my energy and maintain high-productivity throughout the day.

What’s the best thing that happened to you outside of work in the last 2 years?

My wife wouldn’t like it if I said anything other than getting married…

September 9th, 2017 I got married to Gabrielle Schneider and September 13th, 2017 we moved in to our amazing house in Durham, NC. I got promoted to an Associate Manager March of 2018 and to a Manager in March of 2019. All of which have been extremely amazing and fulfilling accomplishments.

Congratulations and well-deserved promotions! We are thrilled to have you on the AP team.

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