Employee Spotlight: Gaby Flores

Employee Spotlight: Gaby Flores

Gaby Flores Employee Spotlight.

How long have you been with Acceleration Partners and what is your current role?

I am the global lead for Uber Eats and Uber Delivery. I’ve been working for Acceleration Partners for three-and-a-half years, and I’m based in Mexico.


What do you do as an Associate Account Manager in Global Accounts?

My job is to create the global strategy for my programs to help our clients achieve their goals. It involves managing programs in different countries, understanding the local context and optimizing around unique country nuances. Also, I get to work and build relationships with partners from all over the world!


How does the affiliate marketing landscape differ in Mexico compared to some other places?

In Mexico, the affiliate channel is still very new. We are basically living in the Wild West! Brands are often concerned about quantity versus quality, and affiliate fraud is very common.

It has been eye opening to work with partners from other countries and use the right tools to ensure brand safety on a Cost Per Action (CPA) basis.


What is one aspect of your job that might surprise people?

I have found that it is possible to create long-term relationships even when you work remotely. People might think that you lose that personal touch when working remotely, but in my experience, it has been the opposite. I get to work with an amazing team and yes, we connect to discuss things work related, but we also enjoy setting up happy hours and getting to know each other in a personal way!


What are some tips you have for staying productive and engaged in a remote work environment?

What works for me is always creating a work plan for the next day. This way I know what my priorities will be tomorrow, and which tasks can be moved around in case of a fire drill. I also try to control my calendar by blocking out periods of time so I can complete specific tasks for the day.

Lastly, I love the morning routine that I have created. My routine includes meditating, exercising, getting dressed and having breakfast with my husband. When I sit down at my office, I’m fully prepared to tackle the day!


Gaby Flores and her husband.

When you’re not at work, what can we find you doing?

I’m usually doing some sort of exercise or watching a movie. Since moving out of Mexico City, I’ve prioritized exercising and I now have plenty of space near me to go running, biking or hiking. I also love watching movies with my husband. We usually organize a film theme on the weekends around a specific director, actor, genre or country and watch multiple movies that fit the category!

Gaby Flores hiking with a friend.

If you could have an autobiographical movie made about yourself, what would the title be and who would you want to play you?

Tequila in My Veins and Sofia Vergara (LOL).


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