Employee Spotlight: Eric Lundberg

Employee Spotlight: Eric Lundberg

In this month’s Employee Spotlight, we chatted with Account Manager, Eric Lundberg about his experience working with global clients and top tips for affiliate program management in Q4.


You’ve been with Acceleration Partners (AP) for a little over a year now. How did you end up at the company?

I have always wanted to work internationally and when I was approached with the opportunity to join the Acceleration Partners team to help support a global client in Latin America, it was an opportunity that I couldn’t pass.

The more I learned about Acceleration Partners, its culture and the amazing group of people that I was going to have the opportunity to work with, the more excited I was to join the team.

This past year and a half I have been able to work with some of the most talented people in affiliate marketing and have been working in an international capacity which has always been my career goal.


What are some of the ways you utilize AP’s remote workplace to commit to work/life integration?

The main ways that I commit to a work/life integration are to take breaks, keep normal office hours and to set stop times. By stepping away from my desk I ensure that I am giving myself a mental break during the day so that I can return fresh.

Also, I do my best to keep normal office hours, which can sometimes be a challenge as we work on a global level and need to sometimes adjust to our client’s schedules. However, Acceleration Partners is great at allowing us to own our calendars so that we can make up that time elsewhere.

The last way that I commit to a healthy work-life balance is to set stop times for myself. It’s important to step away from your desk at the end of the day and truly unplug. I find that this goes a long way to fight off any type of burn out and keeps me fresh for the following day.


We recently had our annual AP Summit. What was one of your favorite memories from this year’s all-company conference?

For me, it was the learnings that we were able to take away from the conference and apply to our teams. Specifically, I really enjoyed the Strength Finders exercise where we were able to identify what our strengths are as well as the strengths of our teams.

It was very interesting to see what strengths we bring to our teams and what we need from our teams in order to be as successful as possible. I found this very eye-opening and powerful.


In your experience, what helps Acceleration Partners stand out when it comes to managing global affiliate programs?

I think it’s the experience and the local presence that AP can bring to our clients.

AP is able to provide their clients with support from all over the world and our associates, account managers, directors, etc. all have a vast talent for affiliate marketing, as well as a deep understanding of the regional and cultural nuances that it takes for an affiliate program to be successful at the global level.


Q4 is an important season in affiliate marketing. What is the top tip you would give to a brand during this time of year?

I would say get ready and be prepared. Q4 is a busy time of the year in affiliate marketing and you want to make sure that everything is in order.

Secure your Q4 placements as soon as possible, refresh your creatives and review your top publishers and see how you can best maximize their performance over the holiday season.


What is something about you that people wouldn’t know from looking at your resume?

I am a massive fan of the English Premier League and have been a strong supporter of Arsenal FC most of my life. Go Gunners!


With Thanksgiving just around the corner, what’s one dish that’s guaranteed to be on your table this year?

Definitely turkey, but the side everyone will be fighting over will be the green bean casserole!

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