Employee Spotlight: Brianna Wilkin

Employee Spotlight: Brianna Wilkin

Brianna Wilkin Employee Spotlight.

How long have you worked in affiliate marketing and what is your current role at Acceleration Partners?

I work as a Senior Data Analyst at Acceleration Partners. I’m a relative newcomer to affiliate marketing, having only worked in the space for the past 10 months.

Before affiliate marketing, I worked in IT consulting in London after receiving my master’s degree in International Marketing. My background expertise in the intersection of technology and marketing makes working as a data analyst for an affiliate marketing agency feel like a natural fit.


What do you do as a Senior Data Analyst?

The role is incredibly diverse, but my main goal is to support our account teams and clients with insightful analytics about the performance of their affiliate programs. Since we have a diverse portfolio of clients across multiple industries, the data and where it is sourced from is typically different for each client.

Naturally, consistency and reliability are very important when it comes to analyzing this data, especially since it is used to communicate status to the client and is being used to inform strategy. To accomplish this, I have created and continuously maintain a number of data pipelines that collect, clean and aggregate data from our various clients using Python and SQL. These scripts seek to drive efficiency through automating tasks that either myself or the account teams used to do manually, or simply to find new opportunities to help find new insights faster and with ease.

However, data isn’t all about numbers on spreadsheets. On the contrary, I’m pretty certain that the vast majority of people would rather experience data through a series of interactive visualizations instead of a series of tabs on Excel. I’ve long advocated for using data to tell stories in a clear and unambiguous way, and I strive to do this through the custom dashboard suites that I create for our clients.

In addition to providing a day-to-day understanding of our clients’ affiliate programs, these components (the data pipeline, automated reports, and custom dashboards) all contribute to informing our account teams for our quarterly analytics deep dives that we conduct for our clients.


What is your favorite part of your job?

The diversity of the work! I mentioned before that our client portfolio spans a number of industries, each one with their own unique set of data; having the opportunity to constantly work on something completely different is awesome.

One week I may be doing investigative analytics for a client analysis, building out data visualizations and helping the account team with client strategy. The next week, I could be working with APIs, solving technical challenges, and writing code to make our processes more efficient.

In addition to the diversity, the processes and tools that I create have a measurable impact on the account teams I support, which I find very fulfilling. Lastly, I get to work with an incredible team of people who I consider my friends despite our entire time working together being virtual.

Brianna Wilkin and team at Halloween.


What excites you about being in the affiliate marketing industry?

Affiliate marketing is consumer-driven by nature, and one of the areas that I find most interesting in marketing is behavioral economics, i.e., how and why consumers make purchasing decisions.

As an example, analyzing our clients’ data throughout 2020 and the impact the pandemic had on their respective industries was fascinating. The behaviors analyzed in behavioral economics aren’t always relatable or broadly observable, however the impact of Covid-19 was felt by everyone, and it made the data more “real.”

Another aspect that excites me about the industry is the creative problem solving it requires. Continuing the example of the impact of Covid-19, our clients knew that it was the cause of sharp performance decline and it would be tiresome for them to be reminded of it.

The challenge wasn’t in spotting these trends, but rather in coming up with strategies for how they could change their affiliate strategy to appeal to a more cautious, less purchase-willing customer base. As a Senior Data Analyst, this responsibility doesn’t necessarily fall on me. However, it’s my job (and exciting challenge) to source, analyze and present findings that support strategy propositions, measure success and inform on iterative improvements.


When you aren’t working, what can we find you doing?

My husband and I recently bought our first home and drove from Atlanta to Seattle with our cats. The house is 115 years old, so when I’m not writing code to wrangle data, or creating story-driven data visualizations, you’ll probably find me working on home improvement projects or going on exciting PNW adventures with my husband and our golden doodle puppy.

Brianna Wilkin and her puppy.

What is your best travel story?

In 2013, I went on a year-long exchange program to Newcastle Upon Tyne in England and it was life-changing. Apart from being an incredible experience studying abroad and having the opportunity to travel in England and around Europe, I met my now husband within the first week of living there!

I ended up living in the UK for nearly six years. It’s where I completed my master’s degree, started my career in London, made incredible life-long friendships, as well as gained an amazing new family. Hands down, it was the best experience of my life.

Brianna Wilkin with her husband in London.


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