Employee Spotlight: Balancing the Military with a Career in Marketing

Summer Cookout 4CropAcceleration Partners is not a normal company. We place a premium on work-life ownership™ and we give our employees the flexibility and the freedom to work how and where they want.

As a result we attract a lot of unique people from backgrounds and situations that might prevent them from holding a similar job at a different company. One of these employees is Jennifer Rohe, one of the best affiliate program managers on our team. She’s respected and appreciated by both coworkers and clients, and at our recent holiday party, she won an award for being the most creative with ideas for the business and our clients. Since starting with us she’s risen through the ranks, being promoted to affiliate marketing manager.

Any company would be lucky to have her, but there’s something that makes her a perfect fit for AP: she’s a military spouse. With a husband in the army she’s moved several times in the two years she’s been working at AP, first from Boston to Clarksville, TN and most recently to Hawaii. AP gives her the flexibility to work from home, so she can move with her husband to wherever the army stations him.

Part of the reason she took the job at AP was because she knew there would likely be lots of moves in her future. She had always wanted to work at an agency, and the opportunities offered by AP were a perfect way to balance her personal and professional lives.

The military often demands frequent moves from the men and women serving in uniform, but people forget how hard this can be on their spouses. Many have trouble finding jobs because employers are wary of hiring someone who could have to move at any time. As a result, many have trouble building a career of their own.

Thanks to the 21st century technology revolution, all that’s changing. Now it’s possible for people to work from anywhere and remain vital and contributing members of a company. Acceleration Partners believes that as long as employees are self-directed and accountable for their work, they shouldn’t be restricted in terms of how or where they work. Our employees have the freedom to construct a work-life balance that works for them. We welcome all great military spouses like Jen who have the potential to be awesome employees but have trouble finding a traditional job.

For now Jen is enjoying the eighty degree weather while the rest of the country suffers through February. In a year or two, who knows where army life will take her. But regardless, she’ll always have a place at Acceleration Partners.

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