AP Employee Spotlight: Allison Cirincione

AP Employee Spotlight: Allison Cirincione

As Acceleration Partners’ Core Account Director, Allison Cirincione helps her growing team develop, manage and optimize high-performing affiliate programs.

Tell us a few tidbits about yourself?

I live in Santa Barbara with my husband and two kids, Gianna (6) and Emilia (3).  I am a California girl with a passion for traveling, adventures and experiencing new things. I will go anywhere!

Something you may not know about me is that I have a creative side. I love photography and event planning. Before getting into marketing I actually wanted to be an event planner. Fortunately, with two kiddos, I’m able to exercise this passion by planning my daughters’ birthday parties.

How did you find yourself working in the affiliate marketing space?

After college I took a year off to travel and then moved to Southern California to pursue a role in marketing for a local shopping mall. Shortly after I was promoted and moved to northern California. Although I was working up north, I travelled frequently to southern California to visit a special someone.

After two and half years of being in a long-distance relationship, I decided to take the plunge and move to Santa Barbara. I reached out to a few friends in the area and they both recommended me to the affiliate network, Commission Junction (CJ).

Seems that everything happens in two’s for me because two weeks later, I had a job and was moving to Santa Barbara and establishing a great career in affiliate marketing.

Two years later, I was married. Two years after that, I had my first daughter, Gianna and then two years after that I had my second daughter, Emilia. Life is pretty amazing!

Oh, and that special someone is now my husband.

What are some misconceptions about affiliate marketing?

Launching an affiliate program does not equal instant success, nor is it like other paid marketing channels. Affiliate is a marketing model that requires investment in affiliate relationships, regular communication and a dedicated team to effectively manage the program so that it’s meeting a brands’ specific needs and goals.  

The healthiest affiliate programs have strong relationships with their affiliate partners and treat them as an extension of their brand.

It also requires time to focus on each of the three main stages of affiliate partnerships: recruitment, activation and optimization. Each stage is crucial to the success of the program. If the process is rushed, you give up either quality or ROI.

Allowing for a natural process to occur will ensure a healthy and prosperous affiliate program.

How did you come to work at Acceleration Partners?

While at CJ, a new role was created where I focused on agency relationships. It was in this role that I realized I could work from home while still using my expertise. Around this time, two things happened.

One is that Acceleration Partners founder and CEO, Bob Glazer, reached out to my old manager inquiring about strong affiliate marketing professionals and they recommended me.

Second, I had just read an article written by Bob that was circling the CJ offices. It felt as if the universe was trying to send me a message. So, I interviewed with Acceleration Partners and it’s been one of the best decisions I have ever made for myself and our family.

Most memorable AP moment?

So many.

  1. This year’s AP Summit, seeing the people and celebrating AP’s growth over the past 4 years. I believe when I started there were 20 people. Now there’s almost 90.
  2. Winning awards nominated by your peers, including a core value award for embracing relationships. The most memorable award was when I received “the most cheers received in a year.” In a manager role, you tend to hear the not-so-good news as opposed to the accolades. I’m grateful to have such an amazing team!
  3. Running through Boston during an Amazing Race-style team event a few AP Summit’s ago. I had never been to Boston and it was amazing to be running around town, speaking to strangers and putting ourselves out there because we wanted to win. Such an amazing day!

Had you worked remotely prior to Acceleration Partners?

No. But I seriously love it!

What do you like most about AP’s remote work environment?

The flexibility.  I feel like I own my own business because I can own my schedule. This flexibility also allows me to focus on what’s most important: my family time and giving back to myself versus spending additional time commuting or getting “office ready.”

As most of my team members can attest, it’s not uncommon to see me working from the gym, taking a call while picking up my kids from school or working from my parent’s house so my girls can have extra “nana time.”

Working remotely also allows me to volunteer in my kids’ classroom and attend a lunch assembly. I couldn’t do all of this if I worked in an office.

What’s more is that I also feel my time at work is more effective and less distracted. Meetings are more meaningful and I am more focused because I know what I have to get done in order to end my day when my nanny leaves.

Life outside of AP. What do you enjoy doing?

Planning our next family adventure! My husband and I love traveling. It is what brought us together and now we love sharing our love of adventure with our kids. As a family, we have traveled to England, Italy, France, the Caribbean and Hawaii. We actually have a trip planned to Fiji.

And if I am not spending time with my family, I enjoy spending time with friends and being outside.

Piece of advice you’d give to new Acceleration Partners’ hires?

Never be afraid to ask a question. Working in a remote environment can be tough as people can’t see you struggling the same as they can in an office. My recommendation is to not stand down and, instead, stand up and raise your hand.

Our culture is like no other you have probably experienced; there are so many amazing people that want to help see you succeed. I am one of them! I always have my “slack door” open. My team knows they can call me on my phone or schedule time with me. I may not have all the answers, but we have the smartest, most dedicated performance marketing team who will.

You can learn more about Acceleration Partners’ award-winning culture on our Company page