Ebates and Cartera Join Forces!

Ebates and Cartera Join Forces!

Ebates+Cartera_458x325Last Friday, Ebates, a leading loyalty marketplace and a subsidiary of Rakuten, announced that they have acquired Cartera Commerce, a leading provider of loyalty marketing solutions and rewards programs.

The acquisition will further strengthen Ebates’ portfolio of loyalty marketing offerings and will provide customers with new programs through Cartera’s established loyalty marketing platform.

And Cartera will be able to leverage Ebates’ expertise and solutions to enhance the loyalty marketing services they provide to their clients.

With this merger, Ebates will also have access to Cartera’s vast user and customer data, including shopping behavior, seasonality/shopping trends, brand trends that may include new and existing customer behavior and product level data and trends.

Leveraging this data will benefit both Ebates and Cartera users as well as their advertising partners by providing more targeted and better offers to make the user experience more relevant. This opens up the possibility for new types of personalized, targeted advertising options and new advertising packages available across both sites.

As Ebates and Cartera are both strong companies with solid reputations in the affiliate marketing industry, we anticipate the synergies between the two companies will lead to even more compelling rewards and offers to consumers as well as more effective marketing programs to their clients.

The companies announced that, in the immediate future, there will be no change in how Ebates and Cartera will work with clients and partners.

We congratulate both companies and believe this acquisition is a complementary offering to Ebates’ existing loyalty marketing platform and will further enhance Cartera’s offering with new services for its partners.

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