New Podcast Episode! Author David Baker Discusses How Expertise Elevates Your Business

On our recent Outperform podcast episode, Robert Glazer talks with business consultant David Baker about key insights from his book, The Business of Expertise.

David has a vast and varied background, which includes high-performance motorcycle racing, speaking at TEDx events and growing up with a tribe of Mayan Indians in Guatemala. Today, he’s a respected author, engaging speaker and sought-after business and marketing consultant.

Listen in as Bob and David discuss:

  • What it means to specialize or be an expert in business today
  • How and why being an expert elevates your business
  • How to make better decisions as a business when demand exceeds supply
  • Common mistakes David see’s professional service firms making
  • Examples of companies doing a great job identifying and executing on their expertise
  • Parallels David sees between advising entrepreneurs and high performance motorcycle racing

Go here to listen.

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