New Podcast Episode! Agency Owner Therapy Session with Dan Golden of BFO

In our recent Outperform podcast episode, AP founder Robert Glazer and Dan Golden, President and Chief Search Artist at Be Found Online (BFO), have what Dan refers to as an “agency owner therapy session.”

On this episode, they talk candidly about the trials, tribulations and tomfoolery that can arise when trying to balance the core service competencies of your company with the demands of your clients.

Be a fly on the wall of their conversation and hear about:

  • How Dan stopped touring in a band to start BFO
  • BFO’s approach to handling client requests that are out of their wheelhouse
  • A time when an agency partner asked BFO to pretend they were a part of their agency
  • What “grey labelling” is
  • A few of Dan’s “white labelling” war stories

Go here to listen.

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