Client Spotlight – Travelex: Welcoming Qualified Publishers to Join Their US and AU Affiliate Programs

Client Spotlight – Travelex: Welcoming Qualified Publishers to Join Their US and AU Affiliate Programs


If you’ve ever been to an airport, you’ve probably walked past a Travelex currency exchange kiosk. They are in just about every airport in the world providing cash and pre-paid cards to over 37 million retail customers and foreign currency to more than 2,000 customers each year.

Travelex now has a convenient online currency exchange program that offers significant benefits for online shoppers, including:

  • their most aggressive exchange rates
  • an online price promise and
  • free next day shipping for exchanges over $1,000 or free in-store pickup

With the highly saturated travel market, last minute travel items and offers can get lost on affiliate websites. While air and hotel shoppers have been conditioned to find the lowest fares online, currency exchange shoppers continue to spend more money exchanging their currency last minute, at the airport.

By targeting International shoppers in the weeks before their trips, affiliates are able to share Travelex’s valuable “lowest exchange price online” promise and that Travelex will refund the difference between the price paid and the price found elsewhere.

Travelex is also finding ways to save International travelers money on local exchange rates with their easy-to-carry Cash Passport™. Their Cash Passport™ is a prepaid MasterCard that gives users a smarter, safer way to manage foreign currency. Users can load up to 6 foreign currencies (Euro, British Pounds, Mexican Pesos, Japanese Yen, Australian Dollars and Canadian Dollars) and lock in the exchange rate each time they load, reload or move money between currencies using the card.

For global travelers, the Cash Passport™ eliminates the need to carry large sums of money and worry about theft or loss.

Who is Travelex perfect for?

  • Students studying abroad
  • Conference planners and attendees
  • All International travelers

Right now, the US Travelex Program is offering new travel content sites a special $20 cost per acquisition, which is significantly higher than the typical 1 percent payout.

To join Travelex’s US affiliate program, click here.
To join Travelex’s Australia affiliate program, click here.