CJ Affiliate: Recruiting Quality Affiliates with Content Marketing

CJLogo2This is the second installment of our partner spotlight series. In this post, we highlight how CJ Affiliate’s Content Certified Program is making it easier for advertisers and publishers to connect by making content more accessible.

For many affiliate marketers, managing an affiliate program can be time consuming especially when it comes to finding the right publishers to promote their products. Not only do marketers need to continuously recruit quality affiliates but they also need to activate and engage them with content and offers.

Our affiliate network partner, CJ Affiliate is at the forefront in driving affiliate program management efficiencies for both advertisers and publishers. Their Content Certified Program simplifies the labor-intensive process of matching advertisers with publishers. Advertisers gain access to qualified publishers who connect them with customers. And publishers can save time and have an easier way to develop meaningful advertiser relationships.

Here’s how it works

Rather than manually searching for high-quality content sites to recruit into their affiliate program, when advertisers sign up for the Content Certified Program their affiliate program terms are automatically pushed out to all content publishers that meet their criteria and are relevant to their industry vertical. Certified publishers are provided with a list of pre-approved offers and rather than applying for individual programs, they can immediately choose from a selection of relevant, quality brand partnerships. The program is available to advertisers and publishers that fall within 5 verticals: Style, Home, Technology, Business and Lifestyle.

How do advertisers and publishers become certified?


Advertisers interested in joining the Content Certified Program are reviewed based on category relevancy, commission rates, and flexibility when it comes to non-traditional affiliate requests (assets, sponsored posts, alternative payout options, product giveaways and more). Upon approval, CJ flags the brand’s content for a specific vertical and pushes it out to publishers. Advertisers then have the opportunity to optimize their programs and work with the publishers to fine tune their results.


CJ hand-selects and manually reviews each publisher to ensure they meet the following requirements:

  • A passion for creating meaningful, authentic, high quality content for their engaged users
  • Website receives more than 3,000 page views per month
  • Tasteful website aesthetics
  • Website content is actively updated with fresh content; no sites in beta
  • No existing network quality issues
  • Content is open to read without a password
  • Website has a privacy policy

Once approved, a product designation “badges” the publisher and they can then receive offers from advertisers in relevant verticals. A publisher can be certified in up to three content verticals. Publishers that do not qualify for certification include coupon/deal sites, loyalty publishers and software publishers.

CJ’s Content Certified Program is a powerful way for advertisers to connect with affiliates to promote their content and offers. How are you developing meaningful affiliate relationships?

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