[Case Study] Paid Search, Paid Social and Remarketing: Preparing Lovepop for Shark Tank Debut

[Case Study] Paid Search, Paid Social and Remarketing: Preparing Lovepop for Shark Tank Debut


The Opportunity

Lovepop is a fast-growing company disrupting the greeting card industry. It’s hand-crafted pop-up cards are intricate pieces of art, deliver a lasting impression. Two weeks before the Christmas holiday, the biggest card-sending holiday in the U.S., the company’s founders made an appearance on ABC’s Shark Tank.  The Lovepop team partnered with Acceleration Partners to make the most of their on-air opportunity by creating, launching and managing a cross-channel digital marketing campaign.

“Acceleration Partners went above and beyond in creating a cross-channel digital marketing strategy to make the most of our “Shark Tank” opportunity. They were very proactive in proposing custom strategies to reach our goals and providing valuable feedback on how to improve performance.  Our brand awareness and sales grew exponentially as a direct result of their expertise, innovation and insights.”

– Wombi Rose, President, Lovepop

Strategy & Approach

30 days before the show aired, Acceleration Partners was tasked to figure out the most relevant channels through real-time, expedited management of the engagement. Our strategy was to infiltrate the market in three ways:

  • Pre-airing of Shark Tank:
    • We initially launched marketing programs on Google and Facebook and followed with Bing closer to the air date. We tested non-branded keywords to begin competing in the market and familiarize people with the brand.
    • We tested a variety of ad types on Facebook and discovered that video ads delivered higher engagement and a lower CPA than static ads. Lovepop was unknown to many consumers so the video’s of the cards unfolding was the best medium for showing the beauty and personalized aspects of the cards.
  • Airing of Shark Tank (including the week after airing):
    • Right before the show, we launched keyword campaigns targeting Shark Tank keywords such as “shark tank cards” and “cards on shark tank”, assuming most people watching might not remember the company name.
  • Post-show:
    • We continued reviewing performance and expanding spend to drive additional profits from Google and Facebook.
    • We implemented retargeting on Facebook and RLSA (remarketing lists for search ads) on Google, increasing bids on consumers who had visited the site but had not yet made a purchase.


Acceleration Partners’ customized approach empowered Lovepop to make the best of a major publicity event. Using real-time collaboration, advanced marketing channel strategies and detailed reporting, Lovepop saw a dramatic increase in traffic and ROI:

  • Air and post-show revenue increased by 384% over pre-air;  Facebook had the largest increase growing by 700%.
  • ROI increased by 344%; spend only slightly increased by 9% but there was a significant lift in revenue.
  • Efficiencies were continually made as additional learnings were discovered for each channel, lowering overall CPA by 78%;  Google search saw the biggest efficiencies with CPA decreasing by 82% and the biggest increase in ROI at 424%.
  • During the airing of the show unique visitors to the Lovepop site grew from 40 to almost 35,000.

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