Case Study: Driving Traffic and Transactions with Paid Search, Display and Remarketing

Case Study: Driving Traffic and Transactions with Paid Search, Display and Remarketing



A well-known retailer of durable labels for families, and a growing line of products featuring baby labels, child safety products, sports labels, household organizational labels and seasonal items turned to Acceleration Partners to expand its back-to-school sales beyond email and organic traffic with paid search, display advertising and remarketing.


Acceleration Partners made this program successful by focusing on driving traffic and transactions. We created new ad groups, ad copy and targeting parameters to find and acquire customers and optimized the campaign to meet the company’s cost and performance goals.

  • Audited the previous year’s campaign to provide a baseline for performance and to identify areas of opportunity.
  • A/B tested new ad creative versions and offers to drive higher clickthrough rates.
  • Scaled search and display advertising spend and optimized ads for the highest ROI.
  • Compared and positioned the retailer vis-a-vis competitors to avoid competing with other companies that are irrelevant but sell similar products.
  • Launched remarketing campaigns to deliver ads to current customers and people who demonstrated intent by visiting their website.


With declining performance from email and direct traffic, paid search emerged as a valuable new customer acquisition channel during their busiest shopping season of the year. Overall, the retailer paid search revenue grew 33% YOY.

  • Sales grew 8.5% YOY
  • Revenue increased 10.7% YOY
  • Clicks increased 6.9% YOY
  • CPCs decreased 22.5% YOY
  • Ad spend decreased 17.1% YOY
  • Display ads delivered 34% of all AdWords visits

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