New Case Study! How AP Optimization Campaigns Helped Client Exceed Y/Y Revenue Goal by 145%

The best-in-class affiliate program management team here at AP is doing some really impressive work for our clients, including helping them optimize the affiliates in their programs to ensure they’re able to maximize return and performance.

For one such client, we helped them exceed their Y/Y revenue goal by over 145% AND their monthly revenue goal by more than 71%!

How’d their AP account team do it? Read the case study to find out!

In addition to learning more about these impressive results, you’ll also learn about:

  • A program change that was made in 2015 that led to a significant slump in sales
  • The solution that the client’s account team proposed to help reverse the down-sloping sales trend
  • The tests that were conducted with specific affiliates
  • What optimization campaigns were implemented and what they entailed
  • How these optimization initiatives turned the client’s program around so that they’re now on pace to surpass projected revenue goals

We’ve helped clients in almost every industry and business model establish, grow and optimize their affiliate programs. You can learn more about what their challenges were, the solutions we proposed, how they were implemented and the results they generated on our Case Studies page.

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