New Case Study! How AP Helped Client Adjust Commission Rates

New Case Study! How AP Helped Client Adjust Commission Rates

Commission rate adjustments in an affiliate program can be a tricky business. It’s important to ensure they’re set to maximize profitability, but also competitive enough to attract high-value, brand-aligned publishing partners.

This was the objective the Acceleration Partners affiliate program management team was tasked with when a client came to them with new internal goals focused on net margin.

Complicating matters is that the client’s program management team did not have access to most of the metrics required to calculate net margin and determine what the new commission rates should be.

What’s more is that the new focus on profitability changed the entire direction of the client’s program as that was not the goal at the beginning of the year when strategies were set.

In our newest case study, we dive deeper into the motivation behind the client’s change of direction, what their AP program management team did to figure out what commission rates would accommodate their new net margin goals and what was done to mitigate any loss in affiliate partners.

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