Case Study: Decreasing CPA with Google Shopping Campaigns

Case Study: Decreasing CPA with Google Shopping Campaigns



A specialty women’s clothing brand had been focusing their paid marketing initiatives on costume-based promotions for holidays such as Halloween and Valentine’s Day. However, their approach had proven that keywords relating to these holidays were highly competitive and costly.

Looking to shift to a more evergreen, cost-effective strategy, they turned to Acceleration Partners to help produce year round results, while decreasing cost.


Acceleration Partners shifted strategy by focusing on Google shopping campaigns, rather than bidding on expensive holiday keywords, to lower CPA. The client had already been running one Google shopping campaign but for hundreds of their product offering. Acceleration Partners decided to split the original campaign into three separate campaigns, each focusing on a different level of their sales funnel.

Through the use of carefully sorted negative keywords and campaign priority level adjustments, we were able to filter queries that trigger shopping ads through the funnel. As a result, terms that typically have a higher conversion rate were captured in the bottom of the funnel with higher bids, while terms with a historically low conversion rate were captured in the top-funnel, with lower CPC.


The new campaign strategy decreased spending and proved to be greatly successful within just one month of the campaign:

  • Cost per conversion for all Google shopping efforts decreased by 60% month/month
  • Return on ad spend (ROAS) from shopping increased by 200%
  • Overall AdWords spend decreased by 61% month/month
  • Overall revenue differed by <1%

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