Case Study: Affiliate Program Revenue Increases 67% Year-over-Year

Case Study: Affiliate Program Revenue Increases 67% Year-over-Year



To grow their consumer base while also minimizing cost per acquisition, a leading children’s specialty retailer worked closely with Acceleration Partners to develop and launch a new affiliate program.

Strategy & Approach

With the affiliate channel now at the forefront of this retailer’s online customer acquisition strategy, Acceleration Partners worked closely with this partner to devise an approach centered on brand awareness.

In order to drive awareness and conversions, Acceleration Partners recruited 3,406 content bloggers and set commission structure to reward affiliates based on the type of promotion and their relevance to the brand. Acceleration Partners collaborated with this retailer to develop fresh and targeted campaign strategies.

To connect with non-traditional affiliates, Acceleration Partners and this retailer established a storefront program. Loyalty programs with Cartera Commerce, Ebates and GoodShop were also launched to increase online sales. Finally, Acceleration Partners and this retailer created select partnerships aimed at driving both online and in-store sales.


This retailer’s brand-driven approach increased the affiliate base by 175 percent (no coupon sites, three loyalty sites) with content bloggers comprising 99 percent of total affiliates. This expansion translated to affiliate program revenue growth, which increased 67 percent year-over-year.