Brentwood Associates Hosts Inaugural Digital Marketing Summit

Brentwood Associates Hosts Inaugural Digital Marketing Summit


Acceleration Partners’ founder and managing director, Robert Glazer, recently participated in the Brentwood Associates Inaugural Digital Marketing Summit in San Francisco. This action-packed, interactive, two-day learning event was for Brentwood Associations’ portfolio companies which include Allen Edmonds, J.McLaughlin, zGallerie, Marshall Retail Group, Boston Proper, Sundance, Fresh Plum  and many other brands.

Increasingly, private equity firms are hosting marketing summits, similar to Brentwood Associates, as a way to provide their portfolio clients with insights into industry trends, valuable market information, best practices from leaders in the space and networking opportunities. By inviting top-ranked speakers to share their expertise, investment firms are actively helping brands in their portfolio drive rapid and sustainable growth.

Keynote speaker, Elaine Rubin, Founder & President of Digital Prophets Network, kicked off the summit with a discussion on the customer journey and the best ways to leverage it to contextualize marketing decisions. Proceeding the keynote were a range of topics on personalizing the customer experience, making the most of next generation affiliate programs, understanding multi-channel attribution, capitalizing on omni-channel strategies, understanding the future of commerce and developing an effective mobile strategy.

Robert Glazer spoke on the topic of “How Leaders Are Adopting a Generation 2 Approach to Affiliate Marketing” covering the state of the industry, key challenges, opportunities, and best practices. He also spoke about “The Rise of Attribution: Understanding the Transition to a Multi-Touch World” where he shared best practices, philosophies, and pitfalls to avoid when choosing and customizing an attribution model. Lastly, Glazer moderated a Q&A session with Scott Ableman, CMO, The Teaching Company (dba The Great Courses) and Patrick Keller, Director of e-Commerce, Sundance addressing topics such as choosing an attribution model, ways to approach attribution model testing, best practices for online to offline attribution and getting started with attribution tools.

Other speakers at the summit included PJ Santoro, Managing Partner of C[IQ] Strategies, Chris Nicklo, VP Customer and CMO of Z Gallerie, Nitin Mangtani, Founder & CEO of PredictSpring, Kim Miller, CMO at Ebates, Mike Ritter, CMO at Excelligence, Alison Stiefel, E-Commerce Marketing Executive, Beth Gumm, VP Customer Acquisition and Retention at Levi Strauss & Co, Ken Seiff, Manager Partner at Beanstalk Ventures and David Munczinski, CEO & Founder of Brickwork.

Closing out the summit, Elaine Rubin proposed the question, “What does this mean for me?” which touched on key themes and takeaways for the entire summit.