Bob Glazer Featured in Retail Online Integration

Bob Glazer Featured in Retail Online Integration

RetailCropAP Founder and Managing Director Bob Glazer recently published an article in Retail Online Integration detailing why ‘last in’ affiliate attribution needs a second look.

Attribution is one of the hottest topics in marketing at the moment and has a major impact on how online businesses make decisions. Attribution determines which marketing channels get credit for a given sale.

Many sites give every channel receives 100% credit for every buyer that interacts with it. But this setup leads to problems: conversions get ‘double counted’ and the company ends up overpaying for sales.

To fix this problem some companies adopted ‘last in’ attribution, giving the last channel a buyer interacted with credit for the sale. But this discounts the contributions of channels (and affiliates) earlier in the process.

‘Last in’ attribution leads to inaccuracies because in today’s digital world people often interact with multiple channels before making a purchase. And in the affiliate world, attribution is even more important because it determines who gets paid. ‘Last in’ attribution incentivizes low quality affiliates to come up with tactics that ensure they’re the last interaction – and the one who gets paid.

In the article, Bob fully explains the problem with ‘last in’ attribution and sheds light on how some of the best affiliate programs are finding a way around it. Check it out!