Blenders Eyewear is Currently Seeking Qualified Partners to Join Their Affiliate Program

Blenders Eyewear isn’t your typical sunglasses brand. Blenders was founded on passion and prides itself on radical design that unabashedly pushes people outside of their comfort zones. Blenders sunglasses are for the pleasure-seekers of the world, for those who lust for life’s adventures and the people who will not stop until they find it.

Blenders believes that your shades should say something about you. They should tell a story about who you are and the life you love to live. You’ll find their signature ‘stripes’ on every pair to symbolize, “Life in Forward Motion.”

Every time someone rocks their Blenders, they hope they serve as inspiration to others to take chances in life. To shoot your shot. To chase your spark.

Blenders has partnered with Acceleration Partners and ShareASale to offer affiliates an efficient way to sign up for Blenders’ partner program so that affiliates can begin earning commission as quickly as possible.

Acceleration Partners is encouraging qualified affiliates to join the Blenders affiliate program. Blenders provides monthly newsletters with new offer announcements, commission increases and bonus opportunities, creative and text links and access to a dedicated account management team. Publishers can earn up to 10% on Blenders sales within a tracking window of 30 days.

If you are interested in learning more about the Blenders affiliate program, or if you would like to join, click here.


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