A Great Time at AM Days San Francisco

Acceleration_Partners-76-MCropIn March several members of the Acceleration Partners team spent a packed few days at Affiliate Management Days in San Francisco. The event featured a great mix of industry veterans and new players looking to learn the ins and outs of affiliate marketing.

AP Founder and Managing Director Robert Glazer was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to deliver a keynote speech on how affiliate marketing is growing up. He outlined many of the changes that are taking place in the industry and what Acceleration Partners sees as the future of “second generation” affiliate marketing.

Bob also served as the moderator of the keynote panel The Future Affiliate Network, which covered an important topic in the industry. The panel included Michael Jones, Head of Affiliate at eBay Enterprise Affiliate Network, Brian Littleton, Founder & CEO of ShareASale, Todd Crawford, Co-Founder of Impact Radius, Charles Calabrese, VP of Operations at Performance Horizon Group, and Jeff McCollum, Founder and President of CAKE.

While this group doesn’t see eye to eye on everything, there was a lively discussion and some spirited debate on topics ranging from incrementality and pricing to global program requirements and mobile tracking. The panel also made clear that a lot of the generalizations in the space are dangerous and need to be addresses on a company-by-company basis. What everyone did agree on though was that things are changing fast; companies that are not keeping up with customer demands are going to have a hard time being successful in the future.

The content and contributions of everyone at the conference were really strong. Thanks to Geno Prussakov and the rest of the team for a great event that always manages to bring the right people together. AP is already looking forward to participating again in London this May.

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