Attend Our Webinar on the Future of Affiliate Marketing

Attend Our Webinar on the Future of Affiliate Marketing


AP founder and managing director Robert Glazer has traveled to some of the biggest marketing and e-commerce conferences in the country to discuss the evolution of affiliate marketing and the emergence of sophisticated, profitable Gen 2 affiliate programs.

For many merchants, these talks have been an eye-opener that their programs are employing outdated tactics that don’t bring in incremental revenue and damage the brand. When they go on to look at their programs through the lens of multichannel attribution they discover expensive customer retention programs masquerading as a channel for profitable new customer acquisition.

Many have gone on to completely reform their programs in line with Bob’s advice by

  • Investing in quality management
  • Focusing on different metrics of success
  • Altering payouts so they align with desired behavior
  • Changing the makeup of their affiliate pool
  • Moving their program to fewer networks and SaaS platforms
  • Demanding transparency from all of their partners

For many this information has been a game changer for one of their most important marketing channels.

Later this month Robert Glazer will make this information available to everyone through a live webinar on September 24th. He will explain why this new generation of affiliate programs produces results that are so much better than their Gen 1 counterparts. Register now for a chance to attend this webinar and ask Robert questions following the presentation.

Date: Thursday, September 24, 2015

Time: 1:00 p.m. EST

Duration: One hour