Acceleration Partners Welcomes Omaze to Its Brand Family

Acceleration Partners Welcomes Omaze to Its Brand Family

More exciting news from Acceleration Partners! Omaze has joined our family of brands and we are so excited to share their affiliate program with you!

Omaze has partnered with Acceleration Partners for their affiliate program management services. Omaze’s affiliates receive frequent newsletters focusing on upcoming experiences and t-shirt drops, promotional opportunities and opportunities to increase commission, new creative and text links, and a dedicated account management team here for you every step of the way. 

As part of the program, affiliates can earn up to 7% of all sales generated while enjoying a 7-day cookie window.

Learn more about Omaze and how to partner with them on their affiliate marketing program page.

About Omaze

Omaze is an online fundraising platform that partners with celebrities and influencers to offer once-in-a-lifetime experiences and exclusive merchandise to support critical causes and nonprofits. Their goal is to make giving as fun and easy as possible, so everyone wins. Through their platform, donors get the chance to live their dream, influencers support the causes they’re passionate about, and charities can spend less time fundraising, and more time making an impact. In addition to the exciting experience opportunities, they also offer exclusive t-shirts that each support an awesome cause.

Omaze’s model democratizes traditional auction-giving by offering everyone the chance to have a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Through the Omaze platform, people from more than 180 countries have made donations that support over 350 charities, driving substantial levels of awareness for their work, and significantly more money than traditional methods.

Their charity partners also work tirelessly to create real change in the world. Every Omaze campaign is self-funded and requires no budget from their partners, which is why they optimize their work to raise the biggest total possible—and therefore make the most impact.