AP Receives Workforce Training Grant

AP Receives Workforce Training Grant

SealofMassachusettsStateSealAcceleration Partners is excited to share that we recently received a grant from the Massachusetts Workforce Training Fund that will help us take our employee training initiatives to the next level.

We’re grateful to have received some of the funds and intend to put them to good use, starting with our all-company summer meeting next month. The whole company will fly in from all across the country to our Boston headquarters for a packed three days of training, team building, and just plain fun. New hires will receive special training to help acclimate them to the Acceleration Partners way of doing business and rising members of the team will receive special training designed to prepare them for the demands of leadership and management. The whole company will participate in exercises designed to improve listening styles and communication.

A total of $10.4 million in grants were given out by Massachusetts Secretary of Labor and Workforce Development Ron Walker. These grants will help 186 businesses all across the state train 8,000 employees. This project is funded by the Workforce Training grant through the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Executive Office of Labor and Workforce Development. The grant program is administered by the Commonwealth Corporation.

The benefits of these grants extend far beyond Acceleration Partners. Improved training helps workers become more efficient, which saves companies money and serves as an engine for job growth. “These grants are a tremendous resource in the Commonwealth for businesses and workers,” Gov. Charlie Baker said. “This will create an opportunity for employers to invest in the skills of their workforce in order to address shifts in technology and strengthen their competitiveness in the global economy.”

For more information about the recent grants, visit the official website of the Executive Office of Labor and Workforce Development.

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