Acceleration Partners On Ad Age’s Best Place to Work List — Again!

Acceleration Partners

Ask anyone at Acceleration Partners (AP) and they’ll tell you AP is definitely one of the best places they’ve worked. What’s more is that our team members regularly report a very high satisfaction score via our quarterly TINYpulse surveys (which are anonymous).

While it’s important for an organization to know that their team members are happy and appreciate the work culture, it’s also gratifying when that’s recognized by industry leaders, such as Ad Age and Best Companies Group.

Every year, Ad Age, in partnership with Best Companies Group, sends out a two-part survey to determine who will make their coveted Ad Age’s Best Places to Work list, which is made up of only 50 companies.

Their survey and awards program is designed to identify, recognize and honor the best employers in the Advertising and Marketing industries – companies that are creating and cultivating quality workplaces for employees.

Not only did Acceleration Partners make the list this year, we’re also honored and humbled to say that this is the second year in a row that we’ve made the list.

For those working at Acceleration Partners, it’s no surprise. AP truly is a unique, progressive, innovative and rewarding place to work.

The Acceleration Partners Leadership Team is transparent and thoughtful. Compensation is competitive and benefits are generous. What’s more is that we’re a company with strong core values. These aren’t just words or concepts that are mentioned from time to time; they are woven into the fabric of the organization – from quarterly evaluations and promotions to our end of year awards.

What makes all of this even more impressive is that Acceleration Partners is a fully remote culture. While there are “hub” cities where groups of AP employees reside and can get together to volunteer, have coffee, do a fun activity, etc., day-to-day, everyone within the organization works from either their home office or a co-working space.

Here are a few things our team members have had to say about working at Acceleration Partners:

“Acceleration Partners has a unique, flexible culture that enables its employees to pursue meaningful work yet allows us to have time for our family, friends and personal interests. The leadership team has set a clear mission and vision which they communicate to all employees on a regular basis. The company truly cares about employees and invests in our professional and personal development. It’s an amazing place to work and an honor to work with a group of innovative, talented team members who regularly stretch their limits.”

“Dedicated, smart, and hard-working colleagues. A collaborative atmosphere. Leadership team that truly cares about employees’ overall well-being. Helping people succeed professionally AND achieve life goals is truly part of the culture here.”

“The ability to work from anywhere has completely changed my relationship with work. Unlimited PTO and flexible working hours help me achieve a work/life integration. Management is extremely receptive to any issues or concerns and addresses them appropriately; makes you feel valued & supported.”

“AP is exceedingly forward thinking in terms of product, culture and their approach to leadership. I’ve had the privilege to work at many outstanding tech companies in my career and I can say with wholehearted confidence that AP eclipses them all with their superior leadership style, forward-thinking culture and tech/agency innovation in the affiliate marketing landscape.”

To read more candid Acceleration Partners employee reviews, check out our Glassdoor reviews page.

It’s truly an honor to be named a Best Place to Work by Ad Age– especially for the second time! A big shout-out to all the impressive companies who made this distinguished list this year.

Learn more about Acceleration Partners and our award-winning culture on our Company page.