Acceleration Partners Expands to the UK, Hires Helen Southgate!

Acceleration Partners Expands to the UK, Hires Helen Southgate!

Brilliant news! Acceleration Partners has officially launched in the UK with the addition of Helen Southgate, former managing director of affilinet. Southgate will head Acceleration Partners’ operations in the UK and Europe, serving as managing director.

We are beyond thrilled that Helen will be joining Acceleration Partners and overseeing our expansion in Europe.   She brings a wealth of experience in the affiliate space and will be instrumental in executing Acceleration Partners’ vision of driving the global digital marketing industry toward a performance-based model.

“I have gotten to know Helen over several years and her reputation as a thought leader and principled industry advocate precedes her. She and I share a very similar vision for the future of the performance industry and the type of company culture that we want to build. I could not imagine a better ambassador for Acceleration Partners’ brand in the UK and Europe as we expand our global presence,” said Robert Glazer, founder and managing director of Acceleration Partners.

Across the globe, businesses and advertisers are expanding their affiliate programs internationally, raising the demand for high-level affiliate program management expertise. In the UK alone, advertisers spent $2.1bn/€1.9bn on generating sales in the affiliate and lead generation sectors which produced $25.1bn/€23bn in retailer revenue and a return on investment of €12.30 for every 1€ spent, according to a 2016 Online Performance Marketing Study produced by the Internet Advertising Bureau with PricewaterhouseCoopers. The performance industry, broadly encompassing affiliate and lead generation, equates to approximately one percent of the UK’s total GDP.

“When I started in affiliate marketing in 2002, the industry was very different from how it is now. Today, the industry has a well-deserved reputation for being able to produce real returns and results for advertisers. And while it’s always been an industry based on relationships, those relationships haven’t always been performance-based. That’s why I’m so enthusiastic about joining Acceleration Partners,” said Southgate. “Their Performance Partnerships™ approach to affiliate marketing not only sets them apart in the industry; it’s what separates a good affiliate program from an exceptional one. That’s a model I’ve supported my entire career and want to expand globally.”

Acceleration Partners is uniquely positioned to help companies expand their affiliate programs internationally. Our team’s strategic thinking, creative approach to campaign execution, sophisticated account management and award-winning culture is why we’re is trusted by the world’s leading brands.

“Navigating multinational brands through the opportunities and challenges of the global affiliate marketplace is a team effort. It requires having smart, experienced, culturally-savvy people on the ground who have the ability to objectively assess partners, platforms and potential customers. We’ve been leading that effort here in the U.S. and now, with Helen steering the ship in the UK, we’ll be able to provide that same commitment and support to clients in the UK, Europe and beyond,” said Glazer.

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