AP Employee Spotlight…Dipa Shah

AP Employee Spotlight…Dipa Shah

In this month’s addition of our Employee Spotlight series we talked to Dipa, our Senior Account Manager for AP EMEA. She shares her thoughts on the benefits of remote working, how she juggles work life and being a parent, as well as how she started out in the affiliate industry. Find out more below…

Tell us about your role at AP?

I am a Senior Account Manager, looking after some of our key clients. I work with our US team to provide global support and am responsible for planning and executing on strategy, to ensure we hit our key objectives.

Tell us an interesting fact about yourself

I once played Table Tennis with Richard Blackwood in our Student’s Union, though I had to supply 20ps for the table.  Thankfully I am not that bad a Table Tennis so was a good match.

How did you find yourself working in the affiliate marketing space? 

I studied Business with eCommerce at University so had an interest in online. I came across a role that sounded interesting at a network and joined as graduate as a client service executive, responding to all affiliate enquiries.  I’ve not looked back since. The industry is always changing and it is great to see new partners coming through.

How do you juggle being a parent and working full time?

It’s tough, I am not going to lie. Between my husband and I and with help from my family we have managed to make it work.  We have to plan the week ahead to make sure we are both aware of each others meetings etc and who has to work late to manage the kids nursery runs. We spend quality time as a family over the weekends, either seeing friends, at kids parties or playdates.  My husband currently works for a family-friendly company too, so he has the flexibility to work from home when he needs to.

What do you like most about AP’s remote work environment?

I like the ability to manage my own hours. I am less stressed about starting my working day as I don’t worry about the commute to work or worry about leaving work by a certain time to ensure I am able to pick my children up from nursery.  I also love having a break to go and play with the kids when they aren’t at school. It also means I can got boring tasks done during the day like loading the washing rather than leaving them until the weekend.

Had you ever worked remotely prior to AP?

I only worked one day a week from home in my previous role and those were the days I could really get important projects completed without getting distracted.

What do you think are the common misconceptions of affiliate marketing?

There are so many that I could list but I think the biggest is clients not wanting to test new partners, even though they are only paying on performance when they spend thousands of £’s upfront on other channels.  I guess it’s educating clients on performance marketing and the benefits of testing within this channel

Finally…what was the last thing you purchased online? 

A clutch bag for a wedding.

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