AP Employee Spotlight: Alison Chew


As Acceleration Partners’ Global Director of Strategic Partners and Publishers, Alison takes publisher development to a new level. She fosters and manages business development partnerships that align with our affiliate, SEO and Paid Marketing services.

Tell us a few interesting facts about yourself?

  1. I’m a Jersey girl. I grew up in New Jersey, then moved to San Francisco and I am now living in the Philadelphia area. But I’m a Jersey girl at heart.
  2. When I was 6 years old I participated in a cartwheel marathon, doing over 100 cartwheels in 1 minute.
  3. We own a 100 pound “St Berdoodle” (St Bernard/Poodle mix) named Daisy.

Before joining AP back in 2012, what were you doing?

I was working at a start-up company. However, before that, I was a science teacher at an inner city school in San Francisco and then worked for Kaplan in their K12 division helping high school seniors pass the high school exit exam. After many years in education, and honestly on the brink of burnout, I was looking for a career change. Digital marketing was a hot field in the Bay Area, and even though I had no marketing experience, a start-up took a chance on me. I was actually employee number three so I had a hand in everything, including email marketing, product development, working with small business advertisers and affiliate marketing.

That’s actually how I met Bob, the founder and managing partner of AP. He was managing a merchant’s affiliate program at the time and the start-up I was working at was an affiliate in that program.

How did you come to work at Acceleration Partners?

After about five years at the start-up, I realized that they weren’t going to “start-up,” so I began looking for my next career adventure. I really enjoyed working with affiliate marketers at my last job, and during my search, I came across an online ad for an account manager. As serendipity would have it, it was for Bob’s company.

I was hired on in 2012 as an account manager, held several positions including the Director of Affiliate marketing, and am now our Global Director, Strategic Partners & Publishers

Had you worked remotely prior to AP?

Yes. I’ve actually worked remotely in some capacity for many years including my time at the start-up as well as at Kaplan.

What do you like most about working remotely?

You mean besides being able to work in my PJs? I like getting up and right to work in the morning. With no commute, I have an extra one to two hours of work time and family time that would’ve been spent in a car or on a train. I also have a young son so I really appreciate that I can drop him off or pick him up at school and still be super productive at work. In fact, just the other day I was able to go to his ice cream social at camp, which meant a lot to me and to him. Working from home allows me to get work done and focus but to still be a mom and be involved in my son’s life.

What do you enjoy doing outside of AP?

I love spending time with my husband and son; from chatting about our days over lunch or dinner to bike riding and traveling together.  I also belong to a really fun book club. 50 percent of the time we get together and chat about the book. The other 50 percent is us enjoying wine, laughing and catching up. We have a great time. I also love to eat out. We moved to the Philadelphia from San Francisco a little over a year ago and we’re just now discovering the restaurant scene. I love to travel and have been to over 25 countries, including Japan, China, Thailand, Germany, France, Italy, some amazing Caribbean islands … next on the list is Iceland and Norway!

What’s your favorite memory of working at Acceleration Partners?

I feel really fortunate that I’ve been with the company from their early days. It’s been so fun seeing our company and the people in it grow. I don’t think I have one favorite memory, but it’s always incredibly special to me to be a part of helping the people I work with find the right seat within AP and support them in that process.   I have also enjoyed playing a small part in hiring the most amazing team of affiliate marketing professionals in the industry.

What advice would you give to new AP hires?

To ask for help. Sometimes when you’re working remotely, it can feel like you need to figure things out on your own, but you should not be afraid to ask for help.

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