AP Client Lovepop Gets Ready to Dive into the Shark Tank

AP Client Lovepop Gets Ready to Dive into the Shark Tank


We invite you to join us this Friday December 11th at 9/8c as our client, 3-D greeting card company Lovepop Cards, makes its Shark Tank debut on ABC.

Lovepop’s co-founders, Wombi Rose and John Wise are naval architects who created slicegamiTM to redefine expectations of what gifts could be sent in an envelope.  Slicegami refers to the art meets science approach to design, incorporating the sliceform structure traditionally used in ship design, as well as the beautiful paper folding traditionally used in Japanese kirigami and origami.  Lovepop exists to help its customers surprise and delight the people they care about with unexpected, tangible, and personal gifts.

Luck Is What Happens When Preparation Meets Opportunity

Lovepop has been working with Acceleration Partners for over a month to prepare for the TV show and make the most of their on-air opportunity. As part of this planning, we have looked closely at other companies’ experiences with Shark Tank to better understand their successes and failures. We uncovered a variety of challenges including website meltdowns, order fulfillment and service challenges, and difficulty with brand recall. We also discovered that many companies weren’t ready to spend more money as they could not analyze their ROI in real-time.  When it turned out to be very high, they wished they had spent more.

By elevating their website and fulfillment to the next level, Lovepop is ready on Friday for a spike of viewers and orders.  The company has also invested in a myriad of digital marketing programs to build hype around their Shark Tank appearance and capitalize on the increased brand awareness during and after the show.Holiday_Shark_overall_final

As part of our preparation, Acceleration Partners researched thousands of keywords and personas so that active and passive customers will be able to find Lovepop by knowing the name or the product. We’ve also tested a variety of paid social campaigns to determine the best targeting and creative combinations and optimize performance before, during and after the show. Hundreds of ads have been tested and connected to a real time ROI model that will allow for very quick decisions about where to deploy budget.

Along with the pre-show prep, the Acceleration Partners team will join the Lovepop team in their downtown Boston office on Friday.  The team will be executing digital media campaigns that run alongside the TV show and monitoring performance in real-time to get the word out.

Shark Tank Can Lead to Millions

Shark Tank is known for its self-made billionaire investors who are looking to fund America’s best inventions and companies.  The Shark Tank show coupled with investment from the Sharks can catapult a business or idea to overnight success.

Lovepop has seen overwhelmingly positive customer reactions to its intricate paper art sculptures and its approach to redefining the greeting card and gifting industry.

Be sure to catch LovePop on Friday and follow them on Facebook or Twitter @lovepop