AP Celebrates Take Your Pet to Work Day!

Acceleration Partners

Okay, so technically, today is Take Your Dog to Work Day. And while many of our team members here at AP have dogs, many also have cats, birds, fish, and other cherished creatures that brighten their day – and we sure as heck didn’t want to leave them out of this unofficial holiday.

This is why we decided to do our own spin on this delightful observance by celebrating “Take Your Pet to Work Day” and introduce you to some of our Acceleration Partners (AP) team members and the pampered pets who keep them company as they accomplish all kinds of impressive things for AP and our clients while working from home.

Joelle Hargadine and Nala

Acceleration Partners

I’m a Senior Associate with Acceleration Partners. Because AP allows us to work remotely full-time, I have the privilege of saving time and money commuting, giving me a much higher quality of life. This means more time with my husband and dog. It also means I come to work refreshed and ready for the day! I believe this provides a higher quality of work for AP’s clients.

Nala, a Vizsla-Lab mix, is a rescue pup who came to us with a lot of quirks. She hates tile and hardwood floors, is scared of kids, and doesn’t like the sound our heater makes. We’ve had Nala for about a year and she has transformed into a very happy dog. Our neighbors love her and she gets treats from them daily. She can run for miles and loves curling up at my feet while I work. I can tell that being home full-time has helped her adjust to her new life with us so much more easily.

Kristine Lee and Sadie

Acceleration Partners

I am an Associate on the Affiliate Marketing Team at Acceleration Partners. I work remotely (with Sadie by my side) out of New Jersey. I help my clients’ affiliate programs with handling the day-to-day responsibilities of account maintenance, affiliate communication, newsletter creation, reporting, and other tasks to make sure the program is on the right track! I love to keep up with new marketing trends and be on top of industry changes and news. When I’m not working (and also while I am working) I can be found spending a lot of time with my adorable dog Sadie.

Sadie is a sweet and active yellow lab, golden retriever and mystery mix! She is truly my best friend and doesn’t leave my side. Her favorite thing in the world is snow, although she also enjoys swimming in the ocean at our closest dog beach. Besides her active and playful side she is also a sweet and very cuddly. She takes over my bed every night and thinks she is a lap dog even though she weighs 45 lbs. She keeps me company all day long and loves that I work from home and give her more treats throughout the day now!

Kelly Ground and Buddy

Acceleration PartnersAs a Senior Account Manager for Acceleration Partners, I am responsible for managing, optimizing and growing key accounts.  I enjoy working with wonderful clients and innovating their affiliate programs.  I live in the beautiful Tampa bay area with my family and my dog, Buddy.  I am fortunate to work from home and enjoy the company and security of my dog at my feet when I work.

Buddy was my first “child” and is almost 11 years old.  Despite his age, he still loves his daily walks and playing with his rope toys with my kids.  During our frequent loud thunderstorms (especially in the summer), Buddy gets scared and curls up next to me.  He is my supportive coworker but often sleeps on the job, sunbathes by the pool or barks at the mailman.  The house would be too quiet without Buddy by my side.


Tyla Cobb and Gizmo

Acceleration Partners

I’m an associate account director at AP. I work closely with my team and clients to develop strategies to help them achieve their goals. Gizmo is a Siamese mix and is in the prime of his life! He enjoys sunbathing, long naps in the window, and a good can of wet food. During the workday he likes to keep tabs on all of my activities, he especially enjoys scoping out my lunch. He is great at reminding me to slow down throughout the day by taking time out to give him a good neck scratch or belly rub.

Katie Woodward and Scarlett

Acceleration Partners

I am the Marketing Manager for Acceleration Partners where I help drive marketing strategy through demand generation, social media and account based marketing. I work from my home office in Plymouth, MA.

Scarlett is a 1 year old, very active, German Shepherd. She is sweet as can be and totally spoiled rotten (it’s impossible to say no to that face). Anyone at AP who has been on video calls with me can usually see her jumping in the background trying to get her camera time – she loves being the center of attention. Scarlett very rarely leaves my side and makes the perfect work from home companion. Some of her favorite activities are playing ball, chasing birds, car rides and running on the beach.

Zach Cannon and Moose

Acceleration Partners

I’m an Affiliate Account Manager based in the Philadelphia suburbs. Like all AP employees, I work from home 5 days a week. My dog’s name is Moose, and he’s a 165lb English Mastiff. Moose is a gentle giant and although he is large, he still considers himself a lap dog and will take any opportunity to lay/lean on one of his human friends. Moose is a great companion when I work from home, as he rarely leaves my side and keeps me company throughout the day.


Merove Heifetz and Mellie

Acceleration Partners

I manage digital strategy accounts and innovation at AP, working with clients on customer acquisition strategies via SEO, digital ads, email marketing, conversion optimization and more. Internally I work with colleagues to ensure we keep up on the latest developments in digital marketing and integrate new ideas into our product and services development.

I live in Chicago with my pal Mellie who is goofy and has a highly sensitive soul. She gets sad when people assume she’s unfriendly because she’s part pitbull – all she wants is love! She was found at less than one year old in an abandoned building with her puppies (babies shouldn’t be having babies!) who were all adopted out to good homes once they were old enough. We’ve been roomies for about a year now, and Mellie reminds me to play and spend as much time outside as I can. While working from home, she’ll often curl up beside me in a ray of sunlight and will sometimes make an appearance on video calls with colleagues and clients.

Tovi Saia and Buddy

Acceleration Partners

I am a Sr. Account Affiliate Marketing Manager; I am used to my house being filled with the sound of life, working from home can be peaceful, but sometimes I miss the all the sounds of productivity I have had in office environments in the past.  It is nice when Buddy comes see me during the work day and puts a smile on my face.

Buddy is a medium haired domestic house cat.  He is sweet and snuggly and loves to talk.  He lives by three simple rules, sleep, sleep and more sleep.  One of our favorite games is hide and sleep, where I often have to look for him after he has buried himself under the covers for naps.  Sometimes when the afternoon sun comes into my office, he will take a break from sleeping upstairs and will come and sleep in a sunny spot on my office floor and keep me company.

Cassandra Scarbeck and Cadee

Acceleration Partners

I’m the Publisher Development Manager here at Acceleration Partners. A big part of what I do every day is meet new people and build relationships to help drive productive partnerships for the brands we manage.

Cadee is a rescue dog (Beagle-Boston Terrier Mix) who joined our family as a puppy more than 7 years ago. She loves to bark at anything invading her territory – chipmunks, squirrels, rabbits, birds, dogs, delivery truck drivers, and solicitors that come our way. She also has the uncanny ability to drink (and by drink I mean SLURP LOUDLY) from her water bowl right at the exact moment I am on a call with a partner or potential partner. This makes for a sometimes noisey and often humorous work from home situation. I find talking about dogs is a great relationship builder and most everyone enjoys seeing, meeting, and talking about your dog. Cadee is much happier having me home all day than when I commuted long days into the city and back for the last company I worked with.

Tess Waresmith and Dolce

Acceleration PartnersI’m an Account Manager on the Affiliate Marketing team focused on Lead Generation. I am currently working out of Singapore to help grow our business in Southeast Asia. I love exploring new opportunities for clients, learning about other business cultures and, of course, traveling!

Dolce is a rescued greyhound. He is currently in Boston with my family and I miss him every day. Despite being tall and lanky at almost 100 lbs, he is actually quite the cuddlier! He is always calm and kind and enjoys the simple things in life. He spends his days being grateful to be rescued from the shelter and taking full advantage of all three couches in the house. I can’t wait to see him again soon!

Jas Sangha and Jax

Acceleration Partners

I am a Senior Global Account Manager based in London. I am the first UK hire and, like all AP employees, I work from home. I have a one year old Cane Corso named Jax and he currently weighs 132lb. Jax is an enjoyable challenge and provides lots of affection. Jax for me is the perfect companion as he helps me switch off during non-working hours and rarely provides any dull moments when I am with him.

Jennifer McAlinden and Lacey

Acceleration Partners

I’m an Account Manager on the Digital Strategy team and am based south of Boston. I enjoy creating and executing strategies that help my clients meet their goals and am always looking for new ideas and features to test for my clients.

My dog Lacey is a very cuddly 7 year old Maltipoo who loves human interaction. She becomes instant best friends with any person who crosses her path and then cries when they leave – even if it was just a delivery man dropping off a package at the house. Lucky for her, since I started working at home she is rarely by herself. I even made her a bed in one of the compartments of my desk where she happily spends all her time while I am working.

Alison Chew and Daisy

Acceleration PartnersMy name is Daisy and some, mainly my people, think that I am pretty darn special.  I’m not only fluffy, cute and don’t shed, but you won’t find many of my kind around.  That’s because I’m a St. Berdoodle, my dog-mom is a St. Bernard and my dog-dad is a Party Poodle.  During the week I hang out at home with my mom Alison who is the Director of Partners & Innovation at AP.  My mom works in our house (we live right outside of Philadelphia) on the second floor in her office and stands up at her desk most of the day.  I, on the other hand, nap most of the day.

From what I hear, listening in on my mom’s phone calls, she works with some pretty amazing people, both at AP as well with other partners and affiliates outside the company.  I have to go now as it’s time for my afternoon walk, but if you have a cool idea and want to work with some great brands, shoot my mom an email (she’ll be back from our walk in 15 min).

Amy Dingle and Harlie

Acceleration Partners

I am an Associate here at AP and I live in Denver, Colorado. I support the affiliate team with account management, recruitment, newsletter creation, affiliate communication and reporting. I’ve been here for a little over six months, and enjoy getting the opportunity to learn and grow within an amazing organization.

Since I work from home, I like to say that my dog, Harlie, is my co-worker. She is a Heeler/Retriever Mix, and a little over a year old. We like to call her the energizer bunny because she has constant energy and always wants to play. Some of her favorite things include chasing bugs, playing fetch, rolling in the grass and belly rubs. During the day, we will bounce ideas off each other and brainstorm on projects. She usually isn’t much help, but she sure is cute!

Joanne Lambert, Pixel and Little Jon

Acceleration Partners

I’m the Senior Designer at AP. I live in San Francisco with my family. Whether I’m designing a new eBook, updating the website or working on a presentation there is usually at kitty close by.

We have two rescue kitties, Pixel and Little Jon (aka, The Beast). They are certainly entertaining and make excellent office buddies working from home. We rescued Pixel when she was 6 weeks old. She is not a big fan of most people petting her or Little Jon trying to play with her. She often sleeps in her bed on my desk or on my computer during the day. She meeps instead of meowing and we think she tries to communicate with the microwave when it’s in use. She likes to follow me around the house like a little shadow.

Acceleration PartnersLittle Jon is a big love! At 16lbs he loves to be held like a baby and purrs like a motorboat. He is also a rescue and we are convinced that he is part dog. He likes to play fetch, will try to help you finish whatever you are eating and loves greeting the neighborhood kids on their way to school.

If they are not sleeping the day away, they like to take turns sitting on my tablet which renders all work impossible. The only thing to do is stop and play with them!  They often remind me to take a break, get up from my chair and stop looking at the screen. The only time they are a united front is when the laser pointer comes out, they both come running when they hear the click of the button.

Renee Christensen and Jack

Acceleration PartnersMy name is Renee and I’m an Associate Account Director on our Core accounts team! My role is focused on providing strategic direction and support for my team while ensuring first-class client service for many of our small to mid-tier accounts.

My dog Jack is a lab-collie mix and is great at lounging around the house all day while I’m busy at work. His favorite spots to relax during the day are on the couch or in front of the window where the sun shines in. He’s always got his favorite chew toy by his side. He’ll come walking into my office a few times a day to check-in on me and say “hi.” He likes to sprint around the yard to get out some of his energy and he loves to chase squirrels and birds, play with my kids and snuggle up in my lap in the evenings.

Gencina Ricca and Zeus

Acceleration Partners

Hi! My name is Gencina and I’m one of the newest additions to the group of Senior Associates here at Acceleration Partners. I am excited to be a part of an incredible team of people who provide excellent service to our clients by growing relationships and providing them with the latest affiliate opportunities to grow their business and increase brand exposure across the affiliate channel.

Zeus is my 8 year old, 100lb German Shepherd baby boy. He has never lost the desire to be by his momma’s side no matter where we are or what we’re doing. Some of Zeus’ favorite past-times includes napping, chasing groundhogs and cats out of our yard, exploring the outdoors with my nephews, going for walks or drives in the car and eating treats. While this pup can be fiercely protective, he is the most lovable and sweetest German Shepherd you will ever meet. I am so excited to be working from home and have my sweet baby boy keep me company throughout the day.


Kari Kallhoff, Beans and Oliver

Acceleration Partners

I’m an Account Manager and work with clients to manage, optimize and grow their affiliate programs. I am passionate about affiliate marketing, the clients I work with and the relationships I’ve built. I work out of Minneapolis, MN and am a newer member to the AP team within the last 3 months and I really enjoy the remote work life so far and absolutely love the AP culture!

Wanna know what else I love? My dogs. Some would say I’m obsessed. This photo perfectly sums up their personalities. Beans is one of the most human-centric dogs I’ve ever met in my life and Oliver lives life with a YOLO attitude and does things on his own terms, unless I have food which I clearly did not during this photo shoot. They love to get outside and play fetch, swim in the creek at my in-laws, go for walks, but their favorite activity is snuggling on the couch with their people.


Jill Sinclair and Harper

Acceleration Partners

My name is Jill and I am part of the affiliate team here at Acceleration Partners. I work on various affiliate program accounts with a focus on executing campaigns and affiliate communication. Harper is my sweet, fun-loving, Shepard/Rhodesian Ridgeback mix side kick. She’s the last one out of bed in the morning but the first one out the door ready for any adventure. Since adopting her as a teeny puppy 3 years ago, we’ve been attached at the hip ever since. She is the smartest dog I’ve ever known, loyal, active and is the world’s best cuddler. I couldn’t have asked for a better woman’s best friend.

Matt Alpert, Spooky and Endora

Acceleration Partners

I’m Acceleration Partners’ Business Development Manager. I work cross-functionally with sales and marketing to manage our business development initiatives. Working remotely from home in the Boston suburbs, I often refer to my 2 cats as my “co-workers.” Endora and Spooky are a mother and son team who we adopted from a local shelter. Endora is a tortoiseshell with some serious attitude (she is named after Agnes Moorehead’s character on Bewitched). Spooky is your typical scaredy-cat who often curls up on my desk and oversees my daily work production. It would be hard to imagine a day at work without my loveable “co-workers” for company.

Lenox Powell and Nico

Acceleration Partners

I’m Acceleration Partners’ copywriter, editor, content strategist and “Outperform” podcast producer. Whether I’m writing an in-depth eBook, editing blog posts, managing our content calendar, or coming up with our podcast episode schedule, my 10.7lb rat terrier, Nico is by my side.

Her favorite pastimes are napping, lounging in the sun on an oversized pillow, and barking at any and all delivery people. She is fond of many of our neighbors and barks loudly to announce their arrival home and to be let out so she can run over to greet them– which is incredibly sweet, except when I’m recording a podcast or on a work call. Nico is an absolute joy in our lives and is a constant reminder of the importance of naps, making others feel special, keeping ones nose warm, and that downward dog is really one of the best stretches imaginable.


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