An Extrovert’s Hacks for Working from Home

Acceleration Partners

I’m an extreme extrovert. A huge part of why I stayed with my last company for ten and a half years was because I loved the people and social environment. So naturally, when I told people that I had accepted a job where I’d be working from home full-time, it raised a lot of eyebrows.

Before I even decided to go through the interview process I asked myself a few key questions:

  1. Will this mess with our home dynamic? And, if so, to what degree?

    We’d had the same routine for over 10 years so I wanted to ensure my working from home wouldn’t be a negative disruption to our routine.

  2. Am I capable of setting boundaries for myself so that I’m not plugged into work when I should be with my family?

  3. Will I end up feeling isolated not being surrounded by people all day?

After thoroughly researching Acceleration Partners and its remote culture, I came to realize how unique and special the company is and knew I wanted to be a part of it. So, I set out to tackle my top concerns head-on and devised a game plan to help me cultivate a successful transition:

  1. Establish a morning and evening routine. I have two kids, two dogs and a husband so my household THRIVES on having a schedule. This routine is especially vital in the morning and right after work. The morning portion sets the tone for my entire day. I won’t bore you with all the details but the basics are: I need coffee, I need a shower, I need family time over breakfast, I need my morning news and I need more coffee, in that order. I also need to be online by 9:00 am, otherwise it makes me feel like the sky is falling. Evenings are pretty simple; I need to be offline by 5:30. There are times when I make exceptions to this rule but, typically, I am in full-on mom and wife-mode by 5:30 pm.

  2. Have a dedicated workspace. It was extremely important to me that I had a space in my house would accommodate minimal distractions and where I would feel like I’m “going to the office.” I will occasionally work from other parts of the house or go to a coffee shop, but having a place in my home where I can feel productive and focused is invaluable. I found that it also allows me to draw a more distinct line between work and personal life. When I’m not in my office, I’m present and engaged with my family.

  3. Do something social once a week. When you work from home, the hermit struggle can be real. To combat this, I make it a point to engage in at least one social activity every week. This includes everything from dinner with friends and date night with the hubs to hopping on a call with a girlfriend for a 15 minutes if it’s not possible to get away from the house. It’s my own virtual water cooler!

A job change is always a bit nerve-wracking, and shifting to a remote gig is no exception. I would strongly advise anyone considering a remote work position (or any new position for that matter) to identify your biggest concerns. From there, see if you can come up with realistic ways to address each of them.

While I certainly had reservations about working remotely from home, it’s now hard to envision myself anywhere other working for AP from my home office. I’m so incredibly happy that I made the leap!

Acceleration Partners truly is an extraordinary place to work, which is primary reason we win so many awards for our culture!

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