Partner Spotlight: Affiliate Window

Partner Spotlight: Affiliate Window

Welcome to the first installment of our partner spotlight series! In this post, we highlight how Affiliate Window is bolstering relationships among advertisers, publishers and networks by providing full visibility into the consumer path to purchase.

In the early days, affiliate marketing was an effective channel for monetizing websites, but as new digital channels emerged and big name retailers entered the e-commerce space, marketers demanded more transparency from their partners. What’s more, today’s CMO’s and marketers are more tech-savvy and skilled than ever before, handling more channels, attribution and marketing in real-time.

Our partner, Affiliate Window, has been at the forefront when it comes to increasing the level of transparency at scale in affiliate marketing. The company’s tools and technology provide full visibility into the consumer path to purchase across digital channels and devices with the aim of fostering stronger ties among advertisers, publishers and networks.

Rewarding affiliates for their contribution

Affiliate Window’s assist reporting and tracking tool allows marketers to quickly understand how customer journeys are influenced by affiliates or other channels -from who delivered first-click assists to those in the middle of the chain to those who delivered the last-click.


By understanding each affiliate’s contribution, advertisers and publishers can explore additional strategies and approaches for working together. Marketers can more effectively encourage affiliates to increase promotions by aligning incentives with the consumer behaviors they put the most value in. At the same time, affiliates can rest assured that they will be compensated for their contribution even if they are not the publisher that ultimately converted the sale.

Along with their assist reporting, Affiliate Windows enables advertisers to offer ‘top-up’ commissions to affiliates that are early contributors to the sales funnel. For example, an Affiliate Window customer who engaged content, blog and social affiliates who were prominent in the early stage of the customer journey achieved a 25 percent increase in sales.

Changing the game with cross-device tracking

With 67 percent of consumers making their e-commerce journey on more than one device, it’s no surprise that brands partnering with an affiliate network want to see detailed data that helps determine not only the buying journey of consumers, but the platform – mobile or desktop – most commonly used to complete transactions.

Offering insights into clicks, sales, commissions, AOV and conversion rates, Affiliate Window’s cross-device tracking solution will help to drive more conversions across phones, tablets or desktops. This ability to track customers across devices gives advertisers a true understanding of how the performance channel influences customers and in turn, reward publishers across the multi-device purchasing path.

Connecting consumers with offers

Connecting consumers with offers has become even more seamless with Affiliate Window’s Chrome extension, MyAW, which allows affiliates to view all the latest consumer offers in their system. A button on the Chrome toolbar can be used whenever a publisher visits any Affiliate Window advertiser site, even if they are not already in the program. Publishers can rapidly join programs and generate short, trackable links, custom URLs, links to specific product pages or ‘one-click ‘share links for Twitter, Facebook and Google+.

This provides publishers with a simple way of promoting products from their favorite brands. Affiliates can find discount codes and build links as they browse, without needing to login.

Affiliate Window Publisher

As publishers look  for new ways to monetize content, they are looking for scalable solutions for matching advertisers with placements. Rather than contacting advertisers individually, Opportunity Marketplace by Affiliate Window allows advertisers to easily discover new opportunities and create new partnerships with publishers. Advertisers can browse a directory to find publisher opportunities and find pricing and timing options that match their campaign parameters.

Affiliate Window Advertiser

Affiliate Window plans to continue to provider greater transparency and opportunities for advertisers and publishers to optimize affiliate marketing programs. This will strengthen not only the value proposition of performance marketing as a whole, but also further demonstrate the value affiliates bring to online advertisers.

Reach out to our Publisher Development team to learn how we help industry-leading brands attract the right partners for their affiliate program.